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I booked a non-refundable room at the Hampton Inn by accident. How do I correct the error?

Carol Egan accidentally booked an expensive room that is not being refurbished at the Hampton Inn. Can she correct the mistake or is she stuck with a $ 264 bill?

Question: My granddaughter is getting married soon. We used travel information she provided online to book a room at Hampton Inn.

When we clicked on the link, she opened a web page listing available rooms for wedding dates in a special block with a non-refundable price of $ 264.

We thought the percentage was high, but we followed the instructions of the wedding party. Two days later, the bride’s mother called us and told us that the price of our room was supposed to be $ 149 and instructed us to call the manager at the Hampton Inn to make things right.

In this call, we learned that the room allocation unit must have been filled out when we used the website to book the room, so it quoted a price of $ 264.

The distribution of the block was already extended before contacting the local manager. The manager said he could not change or cancel the reservation because I made it on the Hilton website. He gave us a number for the Hilton and suggested that they can cancel or change our reservation.

We called Hilton and asked to change the reservation so that the tariff for a wedding block of $ 149 or to cancel and cancel the reservation. We got nowhere.

They did offer to cancel the reservation and give us 12 months to use all $ 264 to book at another Hilton property. We did not accept this offer. We do not plan to book any rooms for $ 264 per night for the next 12 months. Can you help? “Carol Egan, Marco Island, Florida.”

A: Congratulations on your granddaughter’s marriage. It was nice of her to find a block of hotel rooms at the Hampton Inn for her family, but you’re right – $ 226 a night is a bit high price for a night at the Hampton Inn. When you see such a tariff, do not click on it, even if your family has arranged the tariff. It is better to call the hotel and ask for a better price. Or you can stay somewhere else and use the money you save to buy your granddaughter a nice wedding gift.

Be especially careful when booking a non-refundable price (even if it is with the obvious blessing of your family). Hotels love non-refundable prices because it means they can keep your money no matter what happens. And it seems that this would include booking a room at the wrong price. Do you want a refund? Bad luck – the amount is not refundable!

There is no reason why hotel prices should ever be non-refundable. Hotels usually offer a small discount – 10 to 20 percent – in exchange for non-refundability. In your case, they missed the discount and just added the burdensome conditions. Come on.

Never, ever book a non-refundable hotel price.

The solution is a case of self-advocacy. I gave you the contact with the CEO of Hilton (who owns the Hampton Inn) and recommended that you send them a short, polite email. You did it and got a quick response.

“I apologize for any inconvenience and the way you expressed your concerns has been addressed,” a spokesman said. “Please note that there are specific cancellation policies for non-refundable bookings. Our customer service and hotel agents could not change or refund the amount according to the protocol. “

However, as a “one-time exception and a gesture of good faith,” Hilton reimbursed the full $ 264. “We at Hilton thank you for your attention and we hope that this will not prevent you from staying with our brands in the future,” he added.

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