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DUBAIUAE, November 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Middle East the largest annual fitness and wellness expo featuring Dubai Muscle Show, Dubai Active and Dubai Active industryheld in Dubai last weekend brought to town the most epic line-up of talent and events to date, featuring some of the biggest names in global fitness such as bodybuilding champion Mr Olympia, Big Ramyone of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Ronnie Colemana favorite from the Middle East, Hadi Chopanthe fastest growing online PT in the world, James Smithas well as a packed schedule of training classes and the largest number of exhibitors ever and Tarek Toufek, Egyptian actor. More than 300 exhibitors of leading global sports nutrition, fitness, wellness and bodybuilding brands from 30 countries. Dubai Muscle Show, Dubai Active and Dubai Active Industry are organized by HBG Events in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council. HBG is part of the Italian Exhibition Group – organizer of Rimini Wellness in Italy.

CHANNEL system was the protagonist of Dubai Active Industry, the real new. The Italian custom fitness company offers “Made in Italy‘ UAE label through a curated catalog featuring the four lines Auxotonic 2.0, Flexibility, Human Strength and Human Cardio, in addition to the new Human Accessories line, home and gym fitness accessories for lovers of authentic design ( Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution for your entire gym environment or upholstery that is bespoke to your requirements Channels you have the team to support your personal requirements and exceed expectations managed in UAE by DA VINCI Group ( You can try it yourself CHANNEL system equipment in the permanent showroom in the gym of Fairmont Hotel Dubaiin Sheikh Zayed Road.

We can tell THE FUTURE IS HUMAN. The method is called Auxotonic 2.0 Channel system machines are born on by Vincenzo Canali patent in response to the problems that arose in his long and successful posturological career in the world of professional sports. This innovative method actually allows safe muscle strengthening, without straining the spine and compensatory muscles. This is because the machines move with the person, with postural rotation that stabilizes the abdomen, helping them work in concert with other muscles and protecting the spine and joints. All of this is the lack of a weight stack as well CHANNEL system the machines use the resistance offered by the user’s body weight. The unique synergy between postural and auxotonic methods has allowed us to develop a truly innovative power line that has the human as its central element.

Premier League team in Italy and the United Kingdom is now selected CHANNEL system Equipment to improve the performance of football players, such as SSLazio Football Club, which shared its CHANNEL system preference. Others, many top teams, prefer privacy (but you can ask privately…). Also, many VIP professional athletes, internationally recognized, choose for their private house or yacht CHANNEL system equipment.

The revolutionary choice of Channel system is the application of an individual method – signature of Made in Italy luxury – to the production of fitness machines. The design combines Italian flair with the principles of auxotonic training, while high-quality materials and finishes transform the space into a true training boutique, Human Space.

We had the chance to meet Marco Bovolini, owner and CEO of CHANNEL SYSTEM in Dubai at Dubai Active industry and he shared this with us CHANNEL system was born after he met Vincenzo Canali and Auxotonic 2.0. Canali’s intuition was thus combined with his teaching philosophy and his family tradition in industry and design. Marko is now days of focus to bring CHANNEL system around the world, spread the message of the new era of learning, develop even more exclusive solutions and soon bring cool new equipment to the market.

Leonardo Geminianimanaging partner and business developer of DA VINCI Group, entrepreneur and manager with 25 years of experience in managing startup and business development projects, solved together with Stefano Neri, Managing Partner and Project Manager of DA VINCI Group, long-time experienced developer of a large-scale commercial business to bring CHANNEL system in the GCC countries as they both believe in the power of Made in excellence Italy. Both experience the challenge of being new to the market and the excitement of becoming a leading company in the field of sports. Their favorite slogan is: if you’re a Flintstone, pick up the rocks, if you want to be the future, pick yourself up!

Come and join us at Fairmont Dubai Hotel Gym and meet Stefan Mankas, the guy on the field, the one who shows you around CHANNEL systemthe one who teaches you how to train with this futuristic method, an international VIP personal trainer, CHANNEL system Fitness trainer and Sales Representative.

The future is now.

Special thanks to our best training models in the gym: our Matteo Arnaldi Vip fitness trainer @matteoarnaldifitness and our Glam Ambassador Lara Tabet (@luxurywithlara

Information: PATRICIA MARIN @marin_patrizia

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