Canvas for business model is great for financial success

Mark L. Goldberg

Of all the market launch tools, Business Model Canvas ( is one of the most well-known and relied upon to help entrepreneurs transform an idea into an organized strategy and actionable business plan. The canvas of the business model gives entrepreneurs a broad idea of ​​all aspects of their business – everything from value proposition and customer segments to operations and finance.

However, the tool itself is no more complex than a series of nine boxes representing business segments drawn on a single sheet of paper. Much of its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. The exercise forces the owners to stay focused and concise while outlining their business according to each of the boxes in order to refine their business strategy and plan.

The Business Model Canvas allows you to write down your entire business on paper and assess your strategy, planning gaps and risk taking. According to Mark Lowenstein, SCORE mentor and business development expert, Business Model Canvas can help entrepreneurs deal with specific risks and gain more information about competitors, costs, customer segments or a niche market.

“This tool sets out a comprehensive framework for developing a business strategy, a detailed business plan and / or a priority action plan,” he said.

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