Caring for the elderly hits hard; seek insurance advice and plan early

“Old age comes at a bad time! When you finally know everything, you start forgetting everything you know. ” (source unknown)

The great lady of our family (we will call her “Come”), 93 years old, has had severe in the last five years: she has broken both her thighs, she has broken her leg, she has suffered several mini-strokes, she has had recurrent urination. pathways infections and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, which is slowly progressing. Honestly, the situation is miserable for Ella and her family.

After several restorations in short-term medical rehabilitation facilities and with a lot of resistance from her, we put her in a life support institution for about 10 months. We thought she could engage with other residents and frequent social activities, but she didn’t. Of course, unfortunately, her hearing loss and refusal to wear hearing aids (“stir my hair”) contributed to her isolation.

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