Can PepsiCo grow its business and reduce its carbon footprint?

PepsiCo’s global supply chains account for 93% of its carbon footprint. This supply chain is growing and emitting more greenhouse gas emissions. PepsiCo’s top sustainability executive says scaling clean energy and regenerative agriculture is key. Charging Something is loading. This article is part of Insider’s weekly sustainability newsletter, written by Kathryn Boudreau, Senior Sustainability Reporter. … Read more

The business card is back, sort of

From time to time people say unexpected things in the comments section below this column, but one remark stood out the other day. It came from a reader demanding that something be done about the bad state of the business card. “I’m sick of being given all kinds of excuses by younger professionals at meetings … Read more

Rod Walker: Saints should have treated London as a ‘business trip’. We’ll find out if they did. | Rod Walker

LONDON — Mark Ingram called it a business trip. It was a week-long trip, a trip that took the Saints from New Orleans more than 4,600 miles across the lake to England. Yes, players had a chance to sightsee, watch football, shop and eat fine international cuisine. Many of them brought their families to enjoy … Read more

Charleston-area restaurants are back to business after Hurricane Ian | Hurricane Tel

Hurricane Ian, the first hurricane to hit South Carolina since Matthew in 2016, left Charleston-area restaurants largely unscathed. Most, including those located in flood-prone areas, were able to reopen on October 1. Little Line Kitchen & Provisions in downtown Charleston at 176 Line St. reopened for breakfast on October 1, just 12 hours after large … Read more

Five Sales Lessons from a Harvard Business School Professor

Sales and customer support are increasingly intertwined. Getty Most people think of customer service as a department that deals with complaints and issues. There may be a department or contact center that does it, but customer service is more than that. It’s a philosophy that should be embraced by everyone in an organization, and that … Read more

Wayne LaPierre, NRA Loses Big in New York Court Ruling

A court ruling Thursday allows New York’s attorney general to continue seeking tough sanctions from the NRA. AG Letitia James sues CEO Wayne LaPierre for millions in back wages; she also wants the NRA to be subject to financial monitoring. LaPierre’s attorney likened James’ push for a monitor to the Alabama AG monitoring the NAACP … Read more