Inside Kendrick Perkins’ Million Dollar French Business

Kendrick Perkins, former NBA champion and star ESPN analyst, may very well make more money from his French business than from broadcasting in the next five-plus years. About four years ago, his brother-in-law Thomas Alpo approached Perkins with a short business phrase: “Man, we’ve got to get into this dog breeding business.” Perkins had always … Read more

Chinatown Fears Community Loss of Business in 76ers Arena Plan

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Wei Chen wants people visiting Philadelphia’s Chinatown to look past the amber roast ducks hanging in the restaurant’s window and notice the two older women chatting in Mandarin on the steps to the apartments above. “These apartments are full of low-income people who are seniors and people who are new immigrants,” said … Read more

Chinatown fears community, business loss in 76ers arena plan – The Journal

Organizers and members of Philadelphia’s Chinatown say they were surprised by the 76ers’ announcement that they hope to build a $1.3 billion arena just a block from the community’s Gateway Arch PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Wei Chen wants people visiting Philadelphia’s Chinatown to look past the amber roast ducks hanging in the restaurant’s window and notice … Read more

Trump says ‘Americans kneel before God’ as Christian nationalism grows in GOP

Former President Donald Trump said Saturday that “Americans kneel before God” alone. His comments come amid a rise in the concept of Christian nationalism among the far-right. Republican Rep. Lauren Bobert recently said that “the church should run the government.” Charging Something is loading. Former President Donald Trump said during a speech on Saturday that … Read more

Kobalt pulls its 700,000 songs from Facebook and Instagram. Is the music business headed for a historic meltdown with Metta?

MBW quipped the other day that the global music business has gotten a bit “cozy” this summer – with a distinct lack of companies (publicly) going under. Please, loyal reader, allow us to erase this idea from the record. MBW confirmed this today (July 24). Kobalt Music Publishing House – home of 700,000 songs – … Read more

He built a $2 million business around his passion for home theaters. Now he helps entrepreneurs with disabilities reach new heights.

Gustavo Serafini built a dream business around the work he loves. He is the co-founder of Pure Audio Video, a high-end home theater equipment distributor based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The movie buff and his co-founder and brother Marcelo create sophisticated home entertainment for people who love technology, movies and music. Serafini doubles as the … Read more

How WorkReadyNH helps employers and workers

Fred Kocher, host of NH Business NH Business: Looking for a new job? Are you changing careers? WorkReadyNH has you covered Fred Kocher sits down with WorkReadyNH’s Martha Mott and Dawn Hamdy to talk about the program’s impact and potential in the Granite State Updated: 8:15 a.m. EDT, July 24, 2022 Hide transcript Show transcript … Read more

Popular National City barbershop celebrating 50 years in business

Restaurants and major retailers have come and gone along National City’s Highland Avenue over the decades. Art Deco storefronts now have more neutral palettes. But some things never change. “We’re still that little yellow barber shop on the corner. It’s a local landmark,” said Raland Camara, who operates Highland Barber Shop on Highland Avenue near … Read more

Small business owners, feeling the strain, are now gloomier about their economic future

Expectations for better conditions have worsened every month this year, according to the NFIB index. “Without a doubt, there’s a lot of concern in the small business community about what the next six months look like,” NFIB State Director Roger Geiger told this news outlet. Ohio’s small businesses face a “triple whammy” of rampant inflation, … Read more