New report on the third way with details on the importance of Van Hollen, Bera Easy Health Enrollment Bill

June 2, 2022 The report found that legislation would reduce inequalities in the US health care system Today, Third Way released a new report outlining the many benefits of Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) And Congressman Ami Bera, MD (D-Calif.) Easy Enrollment in Health Care Act, legislation to simplify enrollment in American health care by … Read more

Bryant announces interdisciplinary school of health and behavioral sciences, expands its academic programs with a high return on healthcare investment

Smithfield, RI – In response to the call for influential thinkers equipped with critical 21st century skills, Bryant Strategic plan Vision 2030 expands the university’s academic programs that prepare real-world students for results and economic mobility ranked in the top 1 in the country. New School of Health and Behavioral Sciences with unique Interdisciplinary education … Read more

Trinity Health St. Joseph Mercy Auckland joins the American Cancer Society Review Initiative Livonia, Michigan (Michigan), St. Joseph Mercy Health System

For immediate releasecontact: Bobby [email protected] Trinity Health Michigan joins The American Cancer Society Check yourself out InitiativeNational efforts are committed to the development of innovation practices to increase screening and reduce cancer differences Canton, Michigan (June 2, 2022) – Trinity Health Michigan announced that it is joining the American Cancer Society (ACS) to improve the … Read more

Six Ways to Reduce Healthcare Worker Burns According to U.S. Surgeon’s General Advice | Stevens and Lee

Dr. Vivek Murty, the U.S. chief surgeon, recently issued advice on the current health care burnout crisis, which has led to significant resignations and staff shortages. The advice website contains various resources, including an analysis of the causes, as well as recommended mitigation measures that healthcare providers and other employers can apply to reduce worker … Read more

The tool visualizes the impact of red lines on public health

from Daniel Underford / Published June 2, 2022 The long-term, systemic consequences of structural racism can be a challenge to see, quantify and communicate. But an online tool developed by Jaime Madrigano, an associate professor in the Department of Health and Environmental Engineering at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, aims to do … Read more

How the pandemic has affected the mental health of adults – and what you can do to help The Blue Shield of California

Jennifer Christian Herman, Ph.D., vice president, Mindbody Medicine at the Blue Shield of California, shares important points for older people about behavioral health, the stigma of mental health, the pandemic effect on this health problem, and how treatment and self-care can help. How has the pandemic affected the elderly? At the start of the COVID-19 … Read more

City of Athens signs proclamation to mark June 6th Community Health Worker’s Day

On Wednesday, May 25, the city of Athens signed a proclamation marking June 6th Community Health Worker’s Day. This nationwide initiative began when a group of community health workers (CHWs) and CHW allies from across the state decided to attract the attention and celebration of hard-working, often overlooked community health workers. “As community health workers … Read more

Healthcare workers are organized, syndicated

Healthcare workers across the country are organizing and pushing for changes in the workplace, such as better pay or a better balance of staff after waves of burnout and pandemic frustration. Why it matters: COVID-19 and its consequences led to the eviction of health workers. Those who remain demand more from health systems, which claim … Read more