Is it possible to avoid unwanted thoughts?

Is it possible to avoid unwanted thoughts?

After a breakup, you might think you’re doing just fine until you pass that street corner, bump into a mutual friend, or hear a particular love song on the radio. As much as you want to stop thinking about this person, everything is a reminder of the relationship. Besides erasing entire chunks of your memory, … Read more

New study reveals link between song order and rhythmic timing – ScienceDaily

An international collaboration between musicians and bird song scientists found that in the surveyed songs of the Australian pied butcher, the order of song elements is strongly related to rhythmic timing. In a study published today on Australian spotted butcher birds in Royal Society Open Science, the researchers found that the order of their song … Read more

New data reveals major impact of European contact with Pacific islands — ScienceDaily

Pacific island nations suffered severe depopulation from introduced diseases as a result of contact with European ships, new research from the Australian National University (ANU) shows. The study, published in Journal of Archaeological Scienceshows that the population decline is much greater than previously thought. According to the study, the main island of Tonga experienced a … Read more

The science of maximal strength training for climbers

So you want to get better at climbing? Whether you are a new convert or a seasoned veteran, welcome to the club. Climbing, always a marginal sport compared to, say, running, cycling or swimming, has historically lacked scientific support for even the most basic training protocols. Dashboard routines? Endurance tours? These exercises make intuitive sense, … Read more

What caused holes in T. rex Sue’s jawbone? Scientists are confused

WASHINGTON, Oct 1 (Reuters) – Sue, the largest and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered, was no doubt a fearsome beast when the predator roamed what is now South Dakota some 67 million years ago in the twilight of the era of the dinosaurs. But even this huge dinosaur, whose fossils are on display at the … Read more

Does science disprove God? | Journal review

There is a story about Napoleon that I found to be a vivid example of our modern thinking about God. According to the story, he asked a famous physicist to create a model of the universe. When this physicist created it, Napoleon was impressed but also confused. He asked why God was nowhere to be … Read more

Imaginary exercises boosted their fortitude in a challenging science game — ScienceDaily

Fake it ’til you make is true for kids, too, it turns out: Young girls who embrace the role of a successful female scientist, like Marie Curie, persist longer in a challenging science game. A new study published September 28 in the journal Psychological sciencesuggests that scientific role-playing can help close the gender gap in … Read more