Cats steal food from tables in art history

Some curious cats must so I know what you’re having for dinner. They jump onto the table when you’re not looking and try to steal a little bit of whatever you have on your plate. While it may seem like it only happens in modern times, one Twitter account has chimed in Cats of the past points out that cats have always been mischievous. For proof, just look at the history of art.

The Cats of Yore account was created by Molly Hodgden and she posts a thread where kittens whet their appetites with human food. “One of my favorite sub-genres of art is ‘Cats Stealing Food in Still Life Paintings,'” she wrote in the first tweet. “This is so incredibly disrespectful. So here’s a thread celebrating the need for snacks triumphing over art.

Across nine paintings, almost all from the 17th and 18th centuries, she shares pictures of cats at the height of their unruliness. Pictures show them throwing a sausage and being caught with whole fish in their mouths. In one piece, the cat decides whether it’s worth ripping through a whole tray of oysters.

Each piece of art is rendered with sincerity, as if the artist did not see the inherent humor of cats stealing food; it’s that seriousness that makes the pieces so much fun in the first place. The tweet thread also provides a lasting lesson. As pretty as the smear is, cats just don’t care – especially if it means getting a tasty treat.

Think cats stealing human food only happen today? A Twitter thread suggests that no, kittens have been mischievous throughout the ages.

The history of art is proof that cats are not interested in the beautiful spread…

…as long as they can get a tasty treat.

Cats of the Past: Twitter
h/t: [Neatorama]

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