Championship Health Partners, Hall of Fame Health Introduces Tiger Legacy Care for All Alumni Student-Athletes – LSU

BATON ROUGE, LA – Championship Health partners LSU Athletics and Our Lady of the Lake Health have joined with Hall of Fame Health to provide all graduating student-athletes with access to world-class lifelong care through Tiger Legacy Care.

Through Tiger Legacy Care, all LSU Athletics alumni and their families will have access to the Hall of Fame Health Behavioral Health Network indefinitely. This access extends to alumni of all 21 varsity athletics programs at LSU, ensuring that access to the world-class care they receive during their collegiate careers continues throughout their lives.

“Our Lady of the Lake Health is committed to providing the best possible care for LSU athletes, helping them perform at their best during competition while preparing them for a lifetime of healthy living” , said Dr. Catherine O’Neill, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lake Health. “This partnership with Hall of Fame Health allows us to extend our care for athletes beyond their time on campus and provide them and their families with vital behavioral health care for the rest of their lives.”

Originally developed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame to provide healthcare solutions to former NFL players and their families, Hall of Fame Health provides a full spectrum of mental health, behavioral health and substance use services.

Through this partnership, LSU will become the first university in the country to offer lifelong behavioral health services to every graduate athlete and their immediate family, with areas of focus such as stress and emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, PTSD disorder, and more.

“When the Championship Health Partnership was formed, the mission was to elevate the entire state through collaborative efforts just like this,” said Shelley Mullenix, LSU senior associate for health and wellness. “This agreement with Hall of Fame Health will ensure that generations of Tigers will continue to receive the world-class care they enjoyed at LSU long after their athletic careers are over.”

Former LSU student-athletes and their families will have access to a dedicated concierge phone line (866-578-9989), a 24-hour mental health crisis hotline (866-901-1245), preferred access to select clinical programs, a national roster of verified and accredited suppliers and reduced supplier prices.

“As a proud Tiger alumnus and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I am delighted to see LSU join Hall of Fame Health as the first NCAA program to offer top-notch mental and behavioral health services to all of its former athletes. ” said Alan Faneca, former LSU All-American and NFL Hall of Famer. “Good mental health is essential as we compete in sport and move through life because the challenges never stop coming. This partnership will offer our former LSU athletes support and care to help them continue to achieve their goals for the rest of their lives. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!”

“Being athletes, we face the same day-to-day stresses as everyone else — balancing family and everyday life,” said DJ Chark, former Tiger wide receiver and current Detroit Lion. “I’ve learned to use meditation as well as being a therapist and I try to stay in the present to help me deal with life’s challenges. All former LSU athletes need access to the same tools and resources. That’s why Tiger Legacy Care is a necessary resource for the LSU Athletics family.”

The program will be funded by the LSU Athletics Tiger Athletic Foundation Our Lady of the Lake Program Support Fund, which was established through the Championship Health Partnership announced in February. Additional support will be provided by the National L-Club, LSU’s national letterwinner association.

“The Tiger Legacy Care program provides meaningful opportunities and treatment options envisioned at Hall of Fame Health as we seek to expand our reach beyond Pro Football Hall of Famers and their families,” said Ryan Cain, president of Hall of Fame Health. “The first of its kind and with great partners at LSU and Our Lady and the Lake Health, TLC will positively impact thousands of college athletes for life by providing them with access to elite mental and behavioral health treatment.”

About Championship Health Partnership

The Championship Health Partnership is a first-of-its-kind, long-term, health-focused partnership between Our Lady of the Lake Health and LSU that leverages the talents, resources, assets and brands of both organizations to achieve measurable impacts for Baton Rouge and the state. Together, Our Lady of the Lake Health and LSU will set a new standard for health care delivery, research and education that improves the health and well-being of the LSU population and our community, supports athletic excellence, promotes research to drive economic growth and development and transform healthcare and education for the future. Together We Roar.

On the health of the Hall of Famer

Hall of Fame Health is an affiliate of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and was created at the behest of the Hall of Fame to provide more resources to all former football players and their families, not just Hall of Famers. Hall of Fame Health provides a concierge service that can refer families to world-class physicians and other health care providers, can help with understanding health benefits and choosing insurance options, and can advocate for families in need of expertise on their side as they navigate the complexities of providers, benefits and coverage issues, etc. In addition, Hall of Fame Health has assembled a diverse group of leading clinicians and physician leaders on its Medical Advisory Board and a rapidly growing national network of best-in-class health systems, medical groups and behavioral health professionals ready to provide a Hall of Fame experience for our football community, including mental health, addiction and substance abuse, and in times of real crisis. In addition, Hall of Fame Health created the Hall of Fame Family Recovery Fund in partnership with Fund Recovery to raise money and provide financial assistance to those in need. In addition to serving the community of former NFL players and families, Hall of Fame Health has expanded its platform to select veteran organizations and college football alumni groups. For more information on Hall of Fame Health, visit

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