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There were chaotic scenes ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final, with long queues to enter the Stade de France, people seen breaking down fences, reports of robberies and pickpockets by locals and police using tear gas against supporters.

While UEFA accused “thousands of fans with fake tickets” of causing the delays, Liverpool called for a formal investigation into the events, citing “unacceptable problems” for supporters. Culture Secretary Nadine Doris and Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne, who attended the match, also called for an investigation.

Here, Sky Sports News Reporters and Liverpool fans who were there talk about the worrying circumstances before Real Madrid’s victory over Liverpool …

“The first time I felt my life was in danger during a match”

Liverpool supporter Matthew Davis:

“Absolutely horrifying night. Terrible scenes below the turnstiles while people were crushed on the barriers. Young French people stormed the gates, causing chaos with the police. For the first time I felt that my life was in danger during a match.”

Liverpool fans show their tickets as they fight for the Champions League final

“I was killed with tear gas and almost robbed”

Liverpool supporter Joshua Wilkins:

“I am just a little shaken up. On the way out, we were bursting with tear gas, someone tried to pick on me, and someone also tried to steal my watch. I had to physically hit them with my hand and trap their hand. subway gate to get out. Real Madrid fans were also robbed, as were Liverpool fans. “

“I would never go to France again”

Liverpool supporter Sean:

My wife and I showed up an hour and a half before the start, which is early anyway! We lined up for almost two hours and during that time we were bursting with tear gas and crushed in a small space. It was a very scary experience. I would never go to France again.

Liverpool fans show their tickets as they fight for the Champions League final
Liverpool fans show their tickets as they fight for the Champions League final

“We were robbed twice”

Liverpool supporter Ewan:

“Before the match we entered the stadium without any problems. After the match, my partner and I were robbed twice as we walked across the canal bridge. No phone, bank cards and ID card. The whole experience was awful. First and last time in Paris for us. “

“I have been in Europe for 25 years and I have never witnessed anything like this.”

Liverpool supporter Mark E:

“Organized gangs robbed our watches! They headed for the elderly and caught people on our way to the Stade de France metro station. We’ve been going to Europe for 25 years and we’ve never seen anything like it. “

“Local French boys climbed fences, so police use tear gas indiscriminately”

Kave Solhekol, chief reporter for Sky Sports News:

“It was just bad planning, bad organization and also very, very aggressive police. [UEFA said] the match was postponed because Liverpool fans arrived late. I don’t think that’s the case at all. We were out of the stadium and three or four hours before the game there were a lot of Liverpool fans out of the stadium. From what I saw, there is no way to say that Liverpool fans arrived late for this match.

“The second statement issued by UEFA is that the problems are caused by thousands of Liverpool fans trying to enter with fake tickets. I enter with fake tickets, but I haven’t seen thousands of people try to enter with fake tickets.

Liverpool fans stayed out of the Stade de France
Liverpool fans stayed out of the Stade de France

“I think the problem [the French police] last night he was not with Liverpool or Madrid supporters, but with local French youths trying to enter the country. It was very, very noticeable. There were hundreds of young Frenchmen around the stadium, hanging around, fighting the police, fighting riots with the police. I have not seen Real Madrid or Liverpool supporters involved in these issues.

“Some supporters climbed some of the fences to enter the stadium. The people I saw doing this were not Liverpool supporters. I haven’t seen Liverpool jerseys do that. What I saw was that Liverpool fans arrived early, behaving very, very well, not doing anything wrong.

Supporters line up to enter the Stade de France
Supporters line up to enter the Stade de France

“I saw the police stop them from approaching the ground. The path that these 20,000 Liverpool supporters had to follow is not the right one. It was just too small, and then it was amazing that the police had decided to park three or four police vans across. small gap and enter the stadium hall, then they just stood there and did nothing because the gates they had to use to enter the ground kept opening and closing and the process of entering the stadium fans was so slow.

“There were local French boys trying to climb the fences to enter the stadium, and this led to the French riot police using indiscriminately tear gas as well as black spray indiscriminately. We were involved in this. in the wrong place at the wrong time. It really wasn’t an enjoyable experience. “

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Sky Sports News chief reporter Cave Solhekol explains how the postponement of the Champions League final took place, as thousands of Liverpool fans were detained in front of the Stade de France.

“Fans begged the police for help. Police responded with tear gas fans

Melissa Reddy, senior reporter for Sky Sports News:

“I was reporting on the accumulation of fans arriving at the stadium, the turnstiles had just opened and the mood was very happy. Real Madrid and Liverpool fans mingled, sang songs together, took pictures. Cheerful sound and appropriate for the European Cup final.

“I entered the media zone, but then I started getting messages from Liverpool fans who I know are” quite dangerous outside. ” Our cameraman went and took a lot of shots. It was such bad management and organization of the audience.

“The fact that there were no checks before the tickets meant that locals joined this table and pickpocket fans, trying to withdraw tickets and aggressively shoot QR codes.

“I spoke to the police and they said there were problems with local people trying to enter the stadium. However, the footage our cameraman received was of ordinary fans, children, women asking the police for help because they were among those local boys who were antagonistic and violent. The police responded with tear gas fans.

“You can feel that Liverpool fans at the stadium are very worried about what’s going on outside, there was no atmosphere, it was so even, there was no festive mood. I know a lot of club staff who had tickets and couldn’t get them, and those were tickets they got from Liverpool. Andy Robertson’s friend couldn’t come in with a ticket from the player himself.

“The reaction to the wrong strategy was to be antagonistic, not to turn around and alleviate the pressure and chaos that was happening.

“Complete chaos and bad organization. Fans deserve answers “

Vinnie O’Connor, Sky Sports News reporter

“When we arrived at the stadium, a little over an hour before the start, it was complete chaos.

“The top of the staircase, which we usually used to access the outer corridor to take us past the TV complex, was blocked by security barriers. The staircase was full of frustrated fans who were not given any guidance on how to access the turnstiles, as there was no way through what would normally be an access point. With the accumulation of people on the steps, this was a situation that was far from safe.

“As we walked around to find our way to the outside corridor, the remnants of tear gas in the air began to sting my nostrils and make my eyes water, while fans along the way suffered much worse, dealing with the full effect of inhaling fumes.

“At this point, as we approached another set of security barriers, an obstacle was created with the fans, who were gathered in a narrow gap to make ticket checks. It was not a comfortable experience with the weight of the people behind you and again a situation that could have been avoided. There was no need to create such a narrow space in a wide street.

“Thinking it would get better after crossing the barriers, we saw locals jump over barriers and run away from police and stadium security, along with the chaos of turnstiles with fans caught in cramped conditions and their entry or denied.” or the front doors are simply closed.

“We later found out that one of the fans whose ticket was considered fake was Andy Robertson’s band. Given that the ticket was delivered via Liverpool, this is obviously the real item.

“I had a friend and his teenage son stayed out for more than two hours, unable to understand why they were so close to missing a game they were so excited about when they got their tickets on the ballot.

“I saw former players in the media zone, afraid for the safety of their loved ones, caught outside in the problems of turnstiles, as well as the harsh tactics of the police.

“I had messages from an active police officer saying that they were just grateful that no one was seriously injured.

“At no point did I see any bad behavior on the part of the fans. There was anger at the way they were treated, but that didn’t become a problem.

“Instead, tear gas was used to solve a problem created by the authorities.

“Poor organization was a major factor in the problems of the Stade de France and the fans felt how alarming it could be. Now they deserve answers and action, because this should not be the UEFA event. “

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