Chase Garbers played the entire second half of the Raiders preseason game

The Las Vegas Raiders got a long look at former Cal quarterback Chase Garbers, who played the entire second half in the Raiders’ 15-13 win over the Miami Dolphins in a preseason game on Saturday.

Former Cal outside linebacker Cameron Goode had a strong game for the Dolphins in his bid to enter Miami’s regular season as a rookie, but we’ll focus on Garbers first.

Garbers’ numbers in his third NFL preseason game were decent — 6-for-9, 54 yards passing, no touchdowns, no interceptions, 82.6 passer rating, 44 rushing yards, two sacks. But the fact that the Raiders have given him so much playing time suggests they like what they’ve seen in Garbers so far and want to make a decision on what they want to do with him. Unfortunately, Garbers didn’t make a positive impression on the final pass play that was announced, which we’ll cover later.

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