Christus steps up with video healthcare

Illness never strikes at a convenient time. Just ask any busy parent, anyone who doesn’t have the time or transportation or had a place to get away from work. While virtual healthcare cannot completely replace face-to-face medical care, it can certainly remove barriers to accessing care.

Just ask South Texas mom Danielle. Earlier this month, and from the comfort of her couch, Danielle contacted a doctor who examined her 6-year-old daughter, Talia, who had just finished a round of antibiotics but her symptoms persisted. Daniel was worried that Talia would just be put on another round of antibiotics. Danielle hasn’t had the best experiences with other virtual care providers, but she decided to give CHRISTUS On Demand Care a try. She describes the experience as personalized, comfortable and exceptional: “The doctor talks to us,” she said. “There was no rush to get off the phone. The doctor was interested and listened.’

These are the types of comments we strive for at CHRISTUS Health because they highlight the personal relationships we work so hard to develop and the care we strive to offer to everyone, regardless of how it is delivered, whether in person or virtually. We are proud to empower people to manage their healthcare from home with the support of our healthcare professionals.

We recently decided to dramatically expand access to virtual healthcare in Southeast Texas with the launch of CHRISTUS On Demand Care. These virtual visits allow patients to meet with a CHRISTUS Health caregiver via live video from their smartphone, tablet or computer about their urgent care needs from 7am to 7pm every day of the week, including weekends and even holidays.

This new service complements scheduled virtual visits, which are already in high demand and available to new and existing patients. CHRISTUS On Demand Care means no commuting and no busy waiting room. People like Danielle and her daughter will always be able to see their GP.

But we want them to have another level of convenience, comfort and safety if they need it. We want to meet the needs and wants of anyone with busy schedules, those who live in secluded areas, or those who need quick access to an emergency physician in minutes. Designed specifically for the health needs of users,

CHRISTUS On Demand Care providers can treat anything from allergies or rashes to even the flu, all from the comfort of a location and at a time convenient for the user. A virtual visit allows someone to be placed in line and seen quickly by the first available CHRISTUS board-certified provider. The expected wait time is no longer than 30 minutes, and currently the average wait is only a few minutes. People can receive the same high-quality care they would expect from an in-person visit without having to leave their homes or office.

CHRISTUS On Demand Care is for anyone who may need to see a provider immediately. You do not need to be a current patient with us. We also want the communities we serve in Southeast Texas to know that we put their privacy first. All video visits are HIPAA compliant. Anyone who might need a virtual visit needs a smartphone (iPhone or Android), iPad, tablet, laptop or computer – as long as they have a working camera and microphone.

If a virtual visit is initiated and a doctor feels the person may benefit from an in-person visit, it may be arranged in another setting, such as a clinic or emergency room. If additional tests, such as blood tests or consultations, are needed, CHRISTUS On Demand Care can also help facilitate the referral and provide other helpful instructions.

To schedule CHRISTUS On Demand Care, visit There are no additional costs associated with a CHRISTUS On Demand Care visit. Almost all major medical insurances cover visits to CHRISTUS On Demand Care. Depending on the insurance plan, a person may have a co-pay, just like when meeting with a provider in a traditional office setting. Medicare and Medicaid also currently cover virtual visits like CHRISTUS On Demand.

I’m really excited about it because it’s just another way that we can live out our mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, and we extend our mission to everyone, whether they can come in to see us in person or not. .

Paul General is executive vice president and chief strategy officer for CHRISTUS Health. If you have a guest column for The Enterprise, email your idea or the column itself to [email protected] If you have something to say, we want to hear from you!

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