Chunn Insurance Agency of La Vergne offers friendly service

There are many options in the insurance market.

Both a blessing and a curse, this abundance can overwhelm consumers, especially when they’re not sure what they’re looking for in an agent. This begs the question “WWhat qualities should consumers look for when shopping for insurance providers?” Furthermore, how do they know they’ve found an agent they can trust?

The newly established Chunn Insurance was founded on the principles of providing a reliable option to customers. Based in La Vergne, Chunn Insurance was founded by second generation insurance agent Daniel Chunn. A proud Tennessean, Daniel has lived in the Volunteer State his entire life. He has called Rutherford County home since he moved to the area at age 10.

“[My dad] was an agent for two or three different agencies,” Daniel tells the Murfreesboro Voice. With his father, mother and brother being insurance agents, it could be said that Daniel was born to start his own insurance agency.

Daniel recalls, “I knew from the time I was seventeen that I would eventually find my way into the insurance business.”

Trying different things

Daniel was once offered a chance to open an insurance agency.

Tempted by this first offer, Daniel turned it down. He was not ready to follow the path of his other family members and instead wanted to explore other job opportunities. These opportunities gave him a wealth of experience, including a decade spent at Dave Ramsey’s Ramsey Solutions. Daniel’s job at Ramsey Solutions dealt with product inventory, as Daniel handled the stock of educational media—books, CDs, DVDs, and other items—for the company.

Daniel has taken on a lot of work over the years. In the many positions he held, he was never truly satisfied with what he was doing. After years of looking for another job, Daniel accepted his calling to become an insurance agent.

But what ultimately led him to the job? Daniel says he learned to love being an insurance agent after watching his father apply social skills to help other people.

“The ‘people aspect’ is what drew me to the industry…Sales is about understanding and meeting people where they are,” says Daniel.

Customizing the service, not just the products

Chunn Insurance is part of the Farmers Insurance family. Daniel’s business. Daniel is an “insurance agent” which means that the insurance products he sells must come from Farmers Insurance whenever possible. If Farmers Insurance’s wide range of products does not cover the customer’s insurance needs, Daniel can offer them insurance products outside the Farmers Insurance portfolio.

“We can do almost anything,” says Daniel. “That’s one of the things I love about this agency and being part of the farming family.”

Although it has only been in business for a few months, Chunn Insurance has already seen significant growth. At the time of writing, Daniel had two full-time employees and one part-time employee.

“When you start from scratch, there’s nowhere to go but up!” Daniel jokes.

Chunn Insurance is growing as other insurance agents for Farmers Insurance engage with the community. Some of this growth can be attributed to the overall growth of Rutherford County, as more residents in the area means more potential customers for everyone.

For Daniel, the “a rising tide lifts all ships” explanation is only part of the story. He tells Murfreesboro Voice readers that because each captive agent is their own small business, they feel like a small business to the client.

He used the example of fast food, saying that the difference between locations operating under the same corporation is not the product.

“They probably take it from the same truck,” he says.

Realizing that the products are the same, Daniel says that the key between different captive agents is the quality of service that one can provide over the other.

Appreciating the growth his own business has seen, Daniel tells readers that many of the other local captive agents working for Farmers Insurance work hard to provide exceptional customer service.

“Every agent I’ve dealt with at Farmers has been fantastic,” he says. “They are [there] to give you free advice, help support and encourage…”

Being available to the customer

Chunn Insurance competes with both other agents and other insurance companies. It may sound tempting to do business directly with the company since they sell the products. Advocating for the captive agent approach, Daniel says that big companies are unable to offer personal touches.

“How much can someone learn about you, your family, and what their needs are in fifteen minutes?” he asks.

Because of this perspective, Daniel makes it a point to be attentive, empathetic and memorable to clients. When there are other insurance options available, his customer understanding is all he has.

He adds, “Our ultimate goal is not necessarily to make a commission… It’s more to make sure that [the customer] there is peace. When they escape from an accident, they don’t have to worry about how they will pay for it. They have to worry about everyone being safe and sound. That’s what we’re after.

For anyone looking for insurance coverage, Daniel asks “Do you like the person selling the insurance product? Do they recognize your individual needs? And are they more interested in helping you or selling you more products?”

For more information about Chunn Insurance, be sure to visit it website and social media.

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