City Facilities Management (US) LLC partners with Discovery Sound Technology to transform its predictive maintenance

The global leader in facilities management is pioneering the use of ultrasound technology to provide real-time predictive maintenance solutions for its trading partners

We are excited to add this game-changing forecasting technology to the innovative suite of products and services City provides to our retail partners.”

— Paul Smith

JACKSONVILLE, FL, UNITED STATES, Aug. 16, 2022 / — City Facilities Management (US) LLC, the retail self-delivery expert in integrated facility maintenance, construction and engineering and sustainability, has begun a long-term partnership with Discovery Sound Technology (DST), turning preventive maintenance into predictive maintenance. Machine-learning ultrasound technology detects impending critical equipment failures, providing real-time data for City technicians to locate and repair equipment before it fails. In addition, the SOUNDTech+ platform provides comprehensive equipment data for analysts not previously available to analyze and determine equipment trends to help understand equipment life like never before, strengthening the ability to perform more informed forecasting of capital planning.

DST-powered SOUNDTech+ helps eliminate unanticipated equipment failures with its self-calibrating ultrasound diagnostic system that captures, analyzes, trends and documents large amounts of data from routine inspections and provides fact-based diagnoses and life expectancy data. “DST adds a powerful tool to the technician’s tool bag, unlocking a higher level of information, more efficient workflows and significant cost savings for the customer,” said Brett Shaw, President and CEO of DST.

Traditionally, technicians work to address equipment issues by performing routine maintenance checks on all store equipment or performing repairs after a noticeable problem (ie, gas or refrigerant leaks or electrical or vapor trap problems). DST’s patented sonication method identifies whether equipment is working properly or requires attention before it is too late or time is wasted opening the equipment. This means extended equipment life and lower overall costs for City’s partners.

The City’s head of technical services, George Campbell, worked with DST to launch SOUNDTech+, testing it in various stores and equipment over the past 10 months. He is excited about the efficiencies this will bring to City’s field teams and partners. “This tool is one of a kind. It has shown with 99% accuracy that it can predict catastrophic failure of refrigerated racks before it becomes a problem. By not only telling us what’s wrong, but pinpointing where the equipment needs repair in minutes, our technicians are able to determine if they need to plan proactive shutdowns and ultimately slow product loss.”

All SOUNDTech+ powered by DST readings are recorded and included in real-time reports to provide full confirmation that maintenance services have been completed and support repair recommendations. This adaptive intelligence not only supports real-time equipment needs, but also extends to increasing accuracy in City’s capital planning for its partners by capturing important information about equipment condition and predicting the capital required for repairs or replacements, which enables an AI-informed capital planning process.

“We are constantly looking for creative ways to deliver greater efficiency and achieve increased sustainability goals for the changing needs of our partners. That’s why we’re excited to add this game-changing predictive technology to the innovative suite of products and services that City provides to our retail partners. With our 90%+ self-deliverable model in critical equipment, now combined with SOUNDTech+, enabling end-to-end predictive data collection and analysis, delivering real-time real-time insights that will ultimately drive immediate efficiencies and cost savings, further differentiates City as a leader in facility maintenance,” said Paul Smith, CEO of City US.

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