Club News: Bombers Fastpitch Announces Partnership With Technology Leaders SoftballCloud and Yakkertech

Bombers’ Scott Smith (right) met Kevin Davidson (left) and

On Wednesday, the Bombers Fastpitch organization based in Texas and led by the president Scott Smithannounced a partnership with Kevin DavidsonCEO of DS Sports Ventures, which is the parent company that owns innovative technology companies Yakkertech, BaseballCloud, SoftballCloud and Aqueti.

Below is the official release, but first some insight from Smith, who shared with Extra Inning Softball’s Brent Eads why he thinks this will be a groundbreaking advance not only for his club softball organization located in 13 states across the country, but for the sport as a whole…


Q&A with Bombers Chief Scott Smith

Scott Smith says the way the data is captured is “beyond anything the game has ever seen.”

Extra Inning Softball: How did this partnership start between you and Kevin?
Scott Smith: The partnership initially started as a casual meeting that turned into a friendship that then turned into a business partnership.

Back in 2019, I was looking for more information in the data collection space to aid our player development efforts with Bombers Fastpitch. I had contacted a handful of people and risked sending a direct message on Twitter to Kevin and he was the only person who took the time to respond.

I got on the plane and flew to Orlando and met him and his team and from that first meeting it was more of a friendship than anything else.

EIS: What do you think makes this deal so important? And are the financial terms published?
SS: As for the deal, the financial terms have not been made public to respect the confidentiality of all parties, but what really matters is the incredible scope of the partnership.

The fact that Yakkertech is about to change the game in terms of how data is captured – with the new camera technology provided by its latest acquisition, Aqueti – is beyond anything the game has ever seen.

EIS: What are some first or immediate uses we’ll see of the link used for Bombers?
SS: The evolution of DS Sports Ventures and the process that went into developing SoftballCloud/BaseballCloud is what spearheaded that process along with the acquisition of Yakkertech, which is the best product in the space in terms of data capture and specifically, “In Game” data capture.

EIS: How do you see the partnership helping your players improve their game?
SS: College softball is making a mad dash for the data collection process and its use in player development, recruiting, broadcasting and fan engagement. These two incredible platforms position our Bomber players with unprecedented tools to capture data and data to share with college coaches in the recruiting process, and our Bomber player development coaches will now have tools that, to this point, truly were only available to the highest levels of baseball.


Bombers Fastpitch partners with industry leading technology companies

SoftballCloud and Yakkertech have entered into a first-of-its-kind long-term partnership with Bombers Fastpitch, one of the nation’s largest and premier travel softball organizations.

SoftballCloud and Yakkertech will be the first companies to bring advanced technology and analytics to the game of the softball community. The partnership marks an important milestone for both Yakkertech and SoftballCloud as they continue to expand into the softball market.

The Bombers organization has over 20 years of history in developing young players to excel at the highest levels of softball. Yakkertech and SoftballCloud expand the Bombers mission by giving players the ability to play, receive and access their data through their platform and analytics reporting tools, ultimately improving their ability to be seen by colleges.

This is in line with the Bombers’ belief in focusing on competing at the highest level, as well as using data and analytics to further develop their players.

Scott Smith outlined the importance of this partnership for its programs:

“What this means for Bombers Fastpitch is beyond amazing,” he explained. “The technology we’re talking about with Yakkertech is a game changer in so many ways. The sport has never had anything comparable to Yakkertech, and powering this technology with the incredible data analytics tools and applications that SoftballCloud offers will take our approach to player development to a whole other level.”

“These tools and technology will shape a whole new approach to the recruiting process that will give our Bomber players incredible resources to share with college coaches!”

Yakkertech across the college landscape has opened new doors for the game of softball. It now provides enhanced analysis and visualization capabilities to players, teams and coaches in a variety of ways.

Here’s a video of Kevin Donaldson explaining the importance of data in the game:

The immediate focus of the partnership will be to increase and increase player exposure. The explosion of Yakkertech at the collegiate level has now created a demand for coaches to have more information about players.

“When college coaches start using that information, they start to understand the numbers. They understand what type of players they have and want. And who are most likely to be successful in their program. The demand we’ve seen in collegiate softball is unprecedented.” says Kevin DavidsonCEO of Yakkertech/SoftballCloud.

Not only will players be able to use the data for exposure and development, SoftballCloud’s robust platform will allow the captured data to be used in ways they never imagined. In-stadium fan engagement applications, broadcast enhancements, officiating solutions, future VR and biomechanical integrations will drive the future player experience.

President of SoftballCloud, Joe Sleimanunderlines the importance of the deal to the industry:

“Our partnership with the Bombers accelerates our technology in the game of softball, so we can now provide access to data, exposure and solutions to young softball players across the country. By bringing the Bombers into the mix, we’re laying the groundwork for player identification and tracking in softball.”

The partnership marks the first program-wide softball deal for SoftballCloud and Yakkertech. Bombers Fastpitch, SoftballCloud and Yakkertech couldn’t be more excited about the future of softball player development and recruiting.

About Bombers Fastpitch:

The Bombers is a Junior Olympic Fastpitch Softball program based in New Braunfels, Texas that began competition in 2001. The Bombers provide elite softball players with the opportunity to pursue collegiate scholarships and compete at the highest levels. Located in 13 states (Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, Minnesota, California, Oregon, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Georgia, Virginia) the organization and its players are committed to demonstrating leadership in community involvement and professionalism. Follow the bombers on

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