Coleen Rooney acquitted in Wagatta Christie case against Rebecca Vardy

LONDON (AP) — In a legal battle between soccer husbands that mixed celebrities, social media and amateur sleuthing, a judge ruled a whodunnit.

Judge Karen Steyn on Friday acquitted Coleen Rooney of defamation against Rebecca Vardy, alleging that Vardy leaked her private social media posts to the tabloid press.

In a crushing blow for Vardy, who launched a defamation case to protect his reputation, the judge said Rooney’s accusation was “largely true”. Steyn said it was likely that Vardy’s agent, Caroline Watt, had passed Rooney’s personal information to The sun newspaper, and that “Mrs. Vardy knew and approved of this behaviour.”

Vardy, who sued after Rooney accused her in 2019 of sharing personal content on Instagram with The sunsaid she was “extremely saddened and disappointed by the decision.”

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