College Football Odds: Bettors Support Surprising Name to Win Heisman

Ohio‘s CJ Stroud and Alabama‘s Bryce Young are two of the quarterbacks in college football, so it’s no surprise that pre-season betting favorites are winning the Heisman trophy in FOX pledge.

Young won Heisman last season and is trying to become the first re-winner after Ohio running back Archie Griffin in 1974-75. Stroud also had a great year, finishing fourth in the voting and is the most voted returning player behind Young.

But when it comes to gambling, the lesser-known QB generates a lot of bets in popular sports betting. Let’s immerse ourselves in the fun.

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LSU Tigers quarterback Miles Brennan is currently in the lead in terms of both tickets and winning the Heisman Trophy in the Caesars Sportsbook.

How big a surprise is QB? He may not even be his team’s starting quarterback this season.

The five-year-old has played just 20 games in the last four seasons, starting just three games in 2021. He is 121 against 201 assists (60.2%) for 1,712 yards, 13 touchdowns and six interceptions in his career.

And Brennan is facing competition from Jaden Daniels, who signed up for LSU from the transfer portal after starting 28 games for Arizona.

By comparison, 2019 Heisman winner Joe Burrow had 403-for-527 passes (76.3%) for 5,671 yards, 60 touchdowns and six interceptions. In one season.

Brennan is gaining popularity in the Caesars Sportsbook and is currently +10,000 (bet $ 10 to win a total of $ 1,010) in FOX Bet.

So why all the noise of QB, which entered the transfer portal in November, but changed its mind?

“College sports govern Louisiana and rightly so,” said Craig McLaw, vice president of commerce at Caesars Sportsbook. “The public who take the QB tent in a market dominated by QB winners in the past is no surprise, and loyalists in Louisiana follow their faith in these players with significant stakes.

“We will watch Brennan very closely throughout the season and we expect more bets on him after the success on the field.

Another surprising long-range shot that draws a lot of attention to Heisman’s betting at FOX Bet is All-American Alabama defender Will Anderson.

Anderson won the Bronco Nagurski (Best Defender) trophy and was named SEC Defender of the Year in 2021 after leading the nation with 17.5 sacks and 34.5 loss battles.

Historically, the only defender to win Heisman was Charles Woodson of Michigan in 1997. Woodson, now an analyst at FOX Sports, also returned shots and assists.

“Personally, I think Anderson has the best chance of winning Heisman out of every defensive player in the last decade,” said FOX Bet Sports Trader AJ Devine. “He’s just an absolute freak.”

Here’s what you need to know about the odds for Heisman Trophy (odds through FOX pledge). For more NFL oddscheck heading coefficients for the upcoming season at FOX Bet.


Miles Brennan to win Heisman: +10000 (bet $ 10 to win a total of $ 1,010)

Will Anderson to win Heisman: +5000 (bet $ 10 to win $ 510 in total)

According to FOX Sports Research, here are the odds for week 1 for the last eight Heisman winners:

2021: Bryce Young (+800)
2020: DeVonta Smith (+10,000)
2019: Joe Burrow (+4000)
2018: Kyler Murray (+3000)
2017: Baker Mayfield (+1000)
2016: Lamar Jackson (+10,000)
2015: Derrick Henry (+2500)
2014: Marcus Mariotta (+425)

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