Columbus changed the plan of the bike lane in Indianapolis after business complaints

The city of Columbus changed a plan that originally called for the removal of all parking lots on one side of Indianapolis Avenue in Clintonville to create bike lanes after receiving opposition from business owners.

Now the plan is still to remove much of the parking lot on the east side of Indianapolis between East Arcadia and Oakland Park boulevards to make way for bike lanes on both sides of the street.

But after objections from Indian business owners who feared the abolition of parking would hurt the end result, the city recently decided to keep parking on both sides of Indianol along three blocks of the road, where most of the companies that would be affected by the changes are located.

What will happen now with the bike lane in Indianapolis?

The two-way left lane between the Weber and Midgard roads will be removed, leaving 48 parking spaces on both sides of the main thoroughfare, which runs parallel to I-71. The city also plans to designate parking spaces available to the ADA, cargo area spaces and bicycle parking in this corridor.

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