Confa relies on technology to create unforgettable experiences

Manizales, August 21, 2022 In order to create memorable experiences for our clients and associates that guarantee safety, flexibility and trust, the Caldas Family Compensation Fund strives to innovate, relying on technology as a means of processes that ensure convenience and accessibility. Provides. For the various benefits offered by Confa.

Data verification and registration is the mechanism by which Confa identifies its members and beneficiaries through facial recognition, ensuring that the benefits and/or services are received by those who actually have access to them. They are entitled to enjoy the wellness space created.

For example: to enter a gym, users must go through a verification and registration process during registration and payment, completing this step, when using the service, they must do facial recognition and the system automatically recognizes them and activates them as registered users, allowing access without queues.

In this sequence of considerations, verification and registration are performed only once and are applicable to access the Services. To ensure safety in the process, the system is linked to the National Registry Office and other authentication mechanisms developed for the purpose.

CONFA’s Data Intelligence Manager Carlos Andrés Bastidas explains it this way: “The enrollment initiative, supported by facial recognition technologies, palm readers, cloud computing and registry verification, has been integrated by CONFA to improve the digital identity of our contributors and beneficiaries. Access to our grants and services as a key, while complying with data protection and data processing legislation.”

to be taken into account

  • Data verification and registration is done only once for each member, beneficiary and user, the process consists of three steps which are:

  1. Habeas data where the user authorizes Confa to process and use the data.

  2. Checking the data in the Register, in this step it is checked whether the person who is the owner of the identity document is the same person who will use the services; While the fingerprint is accepted as a security boost, it is important to mention that this only applies to nationals who have reached the age of majority.

  3. Photo capture, which turns into facial recognition, is the moment to close the registration, where partners, beneficiaries and users are entered into our system and connected to the previous points, thus making access flexible and reliable. gets permission. This is the login mechanism.

  • This system allows Confa to guarantee the identity of users of the service, as registrations, requests and purchases are related to workers, their family groups and/or individuals.

  • On average, the whole process takes four minutes, in cases where people have problems reading fingerprints, other verification steps are applied to ensure the service.

  • For minors, the process is shorter and they must be accompanied by their parent or responsible guardian.

On the change and the new model, Luc Veronika Marin Tangriff, Corporate Relations Manager at CONFA, says: “At CONFA, we use innovation and technology with one goal in mind to facilitate the creation of memorable service experiences. To facilitate the interaction of our partners with us, in this case we are talking about facial recognition, which allows us to improve the experience of accessing the services we provide only with the person’s face. Let’s optimize it to a great extent in terms of time, comfort and safety; Remember, this process only happens once. We invite all our collaborators to visit all our service centers, which are Caldas, distributed throughout the department, so that from now on they can access all the services that Confa provides with greater flexibility.

Expanding inclusion in new services

The system has been implemented at the La Rochella Recreation Center since August. Given that the data verification and registration can be done at any confa service point in Manizales or municipalities, as well as for the purchase of day tickets, the invitation to users to do so in advance, since in this way they will optimize the time of entry to the entertainment center.

When people buy tickets directly from the center box office, they have to queue for purchase, data verification and registration, so the importance of advance purchase is a flexible and convenient way for those who enjoy the pass. Will take

to be taken into account

  • The pass ticket is linked directly to the partner, beneficiary and user, so you can enter without queuing and re-enter as many times as needed during the day of the tour.

  • Adults must register; For minors and foreigners, there is a different entry check system.

  • Minors who come to the center without their parents or responsible guardian must bring authorization from them to be allowed to enter with their companions, whether family or friends, as prescribed by law.

  • Access to users who own or receive tickets in the name of other people will not be allowed, even if they are connected to Kaza, because, as noted, this is related to the identification of visitors and the registration of the person in the center. , may therefore be involved in the crime of impersonation.

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