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Every day someone says or does something that brings contempt to the Internet. Here at Digg, as part of our mission to control what the internet is talking about right now, we brought together the main characters on Twitter last week and held them accountable for their actions.

This week’s characters include a man with the impression that crypto has always been loved by everyone, a casual man who doesn’t know much about Formula One racing, and a congressman who is unfamiliar with the wonders of television magic.


Bobby Goodlat

The character: Bobby Goodlat, Twitter user, investor, vague man on NFT

The plot: On Monday, start-up investor Bobby Goodlat turned to Twitter to share a confusing opinion: that it has become popular to criticize the art of NFT in recent months and anyone who does so now simply jumps on the search engine. “Where was everyone six months ago?” He asked. “You have the right to a victory tour only if you shouted nonsense when it was at a social cost. When that was the unpopular thing to say. “

Confusing. At no time were NFT supporters the majority – at no point did people who mock irreplaceable art boldly oppose the status quo. Most people are at least skeptical about the rise of blockchain-based art.

Consequences: People on Twitter rushed to clarify with Bobby, telling him that many people had actually criticized the art of NFT for a very long time and that none of them had been brave or had done so at a “social cost” (what does that mean, even viciously? ).

Darcy Jimenez

A man named Paul

The character: Paul, literally no one in Britain who doesn’t like “awakened leftists”

The plot: In an already deleted tweet, a man named Paul wrote about Formula One host Naomi Schiff, saying she was not qualified to comment on the sport because she had no experience in Formula One.

Usually stupid like these are on the radar because of how late they have been since 2000, but the Formula One community does not forgive stupidity. Schiff started competing in Formula One this year and has almost decades of professional driving experience, which I can safely say has decades cost more than the average racing fan who enjoys fast cars from the comfort of a screen perched on his stomach. you are.

Consequences: Schiff herself refused, and with Lewis Hamilton in her corner, it was only a matter of time before the big man Paul deleted the tweet.

But real fans of the races pointed out how stupid the comic about Schiff, who kicked the ass on the racetrack years before his new concert, was.

Schiff’s answer:

Adwait Patil


Greg Stubb

The character: Rep. Greg Stubb (R-Fla.), A man from Florida, a man who voted to repeal the election results in 2020, is not a fan of the Communist News Network.

The plot: On Thursday, Congressman Stube criticized the January 6 hearings of elected House committees, saying they were a publicity stunt for CNN ratings and arguing that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had allowed CNN to “build a full TV ”in the Capitol building.

“In case you forgot the fake committee hearings # 6 are only for TV ratings, [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi] let the Communist News Network build a full TV set where Abraham Lincoln’s desk once stood, “Stube wrote on Twitter.

In fact, the cable news network used a green screen background at the Statuary Hall, which Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman gently pointed out to Stub.

Consequences: Stube later deleted his tweet, but not before CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski took a screenshot of the offspring and received widespread ridicule on Twitter for not knowing the technology on the green screen.

James Cragnail


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