ConvergeOne Named Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) Direct Approved Provider for Hosted Contact Center Services

ConvergeOne helps Georgia agencies stay ahead of the evolving needs of the citizens they serve.

BLOOMINGTON, MN, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ConvergeOne, the leading provider of cloud services, collaboration and digital modernization solutions, today announced that the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) has designated it as a GTA Direct Approved provider for hosted contact center services. The GTA Direct program provides a fast track to managed IT services from pre-qualified providers and makes these services available to Georgia agencies, local authorities, colleges and universities and boards of education across the country.

ConvergeOne is a leading provider of world-class customer experience solutions, with a progressive approach that combines human and digital interactions to empower employees, better serve customers and personalize secure experiences for all. As Cisco’s 2021 Global Customer Experience Partner of the Year, ConvergeOne has an unparalleled commitment to supporting customers with digitally enabled experiences. While maintaining traditional contact centers can be complex, expensive, and time-consuming for organizations, moving to hosted contact center services enables enriched customer interactions that build loyalty, develop meaningful relationships, and drive sustainable profitability and growth. Through a people-centric mindset, ConvergeOne helps organizations create more meaningful connections by improving the way customers engage with their brand.

“ConvergeOne is proud to serve as GTA Direct’s provider of hosted contact center services,” said Klaus Hillmann, executive vice president, West + South, ConvergeOne. “Our secure, scalable and comprehensive solutions meet both the evolving needs of Georgia agencies as well as the diverse needs of the citizens they serve. For organizations seeking to improve their customer experience, ConvergeOne is uniquely positioned as a trusted partner and advisor that finds new ways to deliver exceptional value within the business and beyond with our end-to-end seamless customer experience solutions.”

ConvergeOne is experienced in providing hosted contact center services that deliver exceptional user experiences and build customer trust. ConvergeOne recently helped a client reduce the cost per touch and improve the citizen experience by implementing a next-generation contact center. The company developed a universal queue that provides more efficient routing, allowing it to support more calls within the company. By creating this universal queue, the company can intelligently route customers between 17 internal contact centers and its external service partners. As a result, the company saves approx 40 million dollars through more efficient call handling. The improvements implemented led to noticeable improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reduced wait times, fewer abandoned calls and reduced customer churn. After adopting the new technology, corresponding service improvements allowed the company to reduce its credit for dissatisfied customers by 50%. The company also earned an improved Net Promoter Score, far ahead of its industry peers.

“ConvergeOne has an industry-leading customer experience team, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver transformative experiences for our customers,” said Andrew Bacon, Vice President, Customer Experience, ConvergeOne. “I believe our partnership with GTA speaks volumes for our ability to realize his vision. ConvergeOne’s portfolio is uniquely orchestrated to deliver the value of a secure customer experience in compliance with GTA policies, standards and guidelines while enabling innovative transformation.”

ConvergeOne sets the standard in contact center service delivery with a 2021 Net Promoter Score of 80, nearly double the industry standard of 42, as reported by ClearlyRated®. The result places ConvergeOne in the world-class NPS category for the fourth year in a row, substantiating its position as a proven solutions provider that offers clients the highest level of customer satisfaction, responsiveness and experience.

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ConvergeOne is a proven, service-driven provider of cloud and application solutions that leverages its intellectual property and unique methodologies to create value for customers and develop progressive solutions that connect people with purpose. Over 14,000 enterprise and midsize customers trust ConvergeOne to drive their business outcomes with cloud, collaboration, enterprise networking, data center and cybersecurity solutions. Our investments in cloud infrastructure and professional and managed services provide transformational opportunities for customers to achieve financial and operational benefits with leading technologies. Our 2021 NPS of 80, which places us in the World Class category for the fourth consecutive year, is a testament to our ability to provide clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction, responsiveness and experience. ConvergeOne has partnerships with more than 300 global industry leaders, including Dell Technologies, AWS, Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Genesys and Microsoft to customize specific business outcomes. We deliver solutions with a complete lifecycle approach, including strategy, design and implementation with professional, managed and support services. ConvergeOne holds more than 5,600 technical certifications from hundreds of engineers across North America, including three Customer Success Centers. More information can be found at

About the Georgia Technology Authority

The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) is a state agency that manages the provision of IT infrastructure services to of Georgia executive branch agencies, as well as managed network services for 1,200 state and local government organizations. GTA also offers public organizations access to standardized contracts with a range of industry-leading IT providers.

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