Crypto Is So 2021 – 3 Alternative Investments Dominating This Year

Cryptocurrencies became all the rage in 2021, with Bitcoin prices jumping over 60%. The crypto market added roughly $1.5 trillion in value last year, according to CoinGecko. However, these high-risk assets collapsed earlier this year as extreme market volatility prompted investors to return to safe-haven instruments.

The crypto market crash, also known as the “crypto winter,” saw the demise of many decentralized tokens as well as stablecoins (decentralized cryptocurrencies pegged to the US dollar). The cryptocurrency market has lost more than $2 trillion since November last year.

The Era of High Volatility: Should You Bet on a Crypto Revival?

Various macroeconomic headwinds have weighed on stocks, with major indexes currently in the red after a brief recovery in July. The CBOE Volatility Index, which measures market volatility, is up a whopping 24.79% in just the past five days. Given the highly volatile market trends of the past few months, we are in an era of great volatility.

Also, as major central banks seek to control inflation, rising interest rates will most likely prevent cryptocurrencies from recovering.

Popular alternative investment options

Startup crowdfunding

Investing in disruptive startups can multiply your wealth tremendously. Although people usually avoid these investment ideas because of the risk, betting on the right startup can make you a millionaire. However, checking the products and services provided by such companies and the growth prospects of the industry is crucial before investing.

Mass production building systems startup Boxabl is one of the most innovative startups today. The company has already raised more than $79 million through multiple crowdfunding campaigns.

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Retail real estate

Real estate is one of the most desirable alternative investment options, mainly because land prices tend to appreciate over time. While buying land and houses outright may not be fiscally feasible, investing in fractional real estate through REITs or startups like those backed by Jeff Bezos Homes arrived can be profitable. Especially when demand for short-term rentals is soaring, investing in fractional real estate can generate significant returns.

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Luxury wine never goes out of style, especially as the number of high net worth individuals around the world continues to grow. Many bottles of Bordeaux and Chablis have outperformed the S&P 500 over the past year. Only 5% of the total wine produced worldwide is investment grade twenty The wine investment platform is one of the easiest ways you can invest in fine wine.

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  • Farmland investment platform AcreTrader today launched a new offering for a 620-acre rice and soybean farm in Arkansas with a minimum investment of $16,175.

  • Financing is now live for the Baypoint Apartments offering on the RealtyMogul platform. The investment has an 18.4% target IRR with a minimum investment of $35,000

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