Dark Knight Returns fan art gives some respect to the most underrated Robin

Just because it’s not a Robin canon doesn’t mean Carrie Kelly from The Dark Knight Returns isn’t worthy of the respect that a new work of art gives her.

The ambitious Robin who debuted in The Dark Knight returns finally gets his due in a great new work of art from Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. Carrie Kelly may not be canonical Robin, but Ortiz’s work is doing a great job, showing that she deserves to be treated in the same way as her Prime Earth colleagues.

Kelly first arrived in the DC Universe as part of Frank Miller’s acclaimed story, The Dark Knight returns. After being rescued by an elderly Bruce Wayne, who has taken back his old robe, Carrie buys a suit and tries to become Batman’s new Robin. Her endless ingenuity and clever thinking have saved Batman’s life more than once. Although Bruce was initially skeptical, Carrie quickly proved to be a resilient and effective partner and became an integral part of Bruce Wayne’s second act.


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But unlike the other characters who wore Robin’s mantle, Carrie’s adventures remain largely limited to The Dark Knight returns The universe. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fans. illustrator Ricardo Lopez Ortiz posted a commissioned piece on Twitter showing Carrie Kelly the way she deserves to be seen. The robin of The Dark Knight returns she never looked as heroic as here. Standing on the back of a massive Batman that has collapsed on concrete, Robin has a playful face and is ready to fight any villain or member of the gang of mutants who confronts her. Carrie may be small compared to Bruce in the piece, but she matches his intensity as they both prepare to clean up Gotham, no matter what.

Ortiz’s song reached an outstanding rating of over ten thousand likes and even thousands of retweets. Consumers wanted them to own The Dark Knight returns fan art, even expressing jealousy of a fan who is lucky enough to own the original work. Ortiz’s art captures so much of what works for the world of Frank Miller and adapts it to Ortiz’s own style. And while much can be said about the song, the way it amazingly presents Carrie Kelly is noteworthy.

Carrie is an important part of The Dark Knight returns franchise, but apart from the few stories that unfold in her universe, she is not represented as much as the other Robbins. As a result, she often stays out of the conversation when it comes to discussing who Batman’s best Robin is. But Ortiz’s song brings Kelly back into the spotlight and shows that she deserves to be taken seriously. Carrie was not just an assistant for motivational purposes, she was a partner who fought and supported one of the most brutal versions of Batman. Let’s hope so The Dark Knight returns fan art has come a long way in proving that Kelly is just as good Robin like any other miracle for a boy or a girl.

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Source: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

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