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One of the most emblematic objects of remembrance in the world of sports is the frame.

There is a charm in the huge head that can be set in motion in one go, which makes it such a basic element as a collector’s item.

Fans can face a seemingly endless number of players in all sports – it doesn’t matter if it’s the NFL or the WWE.

Although WWE bobbleheads are common, one of the neglected sports when it comes to bobbleheads is traditional wrestling. If a person searches for “wrestling wrestling” in the Google search bar, only WWE entertainers appear.

However, this trend is changing as Olympic gold medalist and two-time NCAA national wrestling champion David Taylor recently partnered with FOCO to release his own staff.

“I feel incredibly honored to be mentioned alongside some of the best athletes in the world,” Taylor told The Daily Collegian. “It’s definitely a surreal feeling.”

FOCO is a leading product website that offers a wide range of products around a number of professional sports teams.

Of all FOCO’s products, her bobbin collection has hundreds of items available with the most famous professional athletes, including Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Tom Brady.

The long list of athletes will be expanded once again with the limited edition of Taylor’s recently released chapters, which are available on the company’s website.

The edition includes two different versions of Taylor – the “Magic Man” version, which shows Taylor with a gold medal on his neck in a US team jersey, and the “Penn State Nittany Lions” version, with the figure wearing a blue and white alma mater uniform. of Taylor. Both versions cost $ 50 and have 221 units available for pre-order.

The commodities company has a huge history of partnering with athletes, and Taylor said the process of creating his collectibles went smoothly.

“The partnership with FOCO was great,” Taylor said. “They are the gold standard when it comes to hills and sports collectibles, and this is reflected in their process and in the end products that are created.”


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Although the project took place, having his own memories has not been a concern for Taylor throughout his career, as he has “always been focused on fighting and trying to improve every day.”

If it weren’t for his friends Joe Sanfilipo and Tom Otayano, Taylor said the swamps might not even exist.

Ottaiano, CEO of Today’s Business – FOCO’s Digital Marketing Partner – and Sanfilippo, Taylor’s Marketing Partner and Today’s Business’s Growth and Partnership Manager, used their experience and relationships with FOCO to make collaboration possible.

Sanfilippo said he had won FOCO partnerships with other world-class athletes such as Alex Morgan, DK Metcalfe and Carl-Anthony Towns, but Taylor’s heads turned out to be a unique experience.

“This partnership was the first of its kind, as FOCO has never covered an Olympic gold medalist,” Sanfilippo said. “It was incredibly exciting for me to be able to help bring FOCO into this new market and to present the world of fighting FOCO in the process.

In general, wrestling is far from being the most popular sport in the United States, it is not even in the top 10 most watched sports in the country, but it is gaining momentum.

The NCAA Wrestling Season in 2022 saw an 8% increase in viewership for the National Championship finals compared to the 2021 National Championship finals. 2 Iowa had an average audience of 363,000 on the Big Ten Network, the most for a wrestling match in the network’s history.

This growing base of wrestling fans did not hesitate when the limited edition wrestlers were made available for pre-order.

“Working with David was super easy and FOCO was pleasantly surprised by how well the hills sold,” Matthew Katz, FOCO’s licensing director, told Collegian. “We weren’t sure how we would react when we partnered with David, but it was great to see how the wrestling community supports this world-class athlete.

According to Katz, Taylor’s idols also saw support from the WWE community.

The release of David Taylor’s beans paves the way for other traditional fighters who want to make a brand deal, a reality that Taylor said he hopes to see on display in the future.

“It would be great to see some of the other iconic moments of the struggle captured in a doodle.”


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