DHL drivers strike over high health insurance costs

PAWTUCKET – Dozens of DHL delivery drivers based in this city are embroiled in a bitter dispute with Northeast Transportation, the third-party contractor that employs them.

The drivers have been on strike for two weeks, seeking lower health insurance costs and higher wages, and have been protesting outside the depot 24 hours a day.

Tensions rise during DHL strike

Matthew Mainy, a representative of Teamsters Local 251, said an armed security guard chased him with a baseball bat on Friday. Patucket police arrested the guard and also arrested union members who were picketing, Maini said.

Sergeant Teddy Georgitzis of the Patucket Police Department confirmed there were three arrests at the establishment Friday, but declined to comment further.

“We must remain neutral,” he said.

Phone calls to Northeast Transportation LLC, based in South Carolina, were not returned Tuesday. DHL also did not respond to a request for comment.

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Employees of Northeast Transportation, a DHL subcontractor, unionized with the Teamsters in 2017. Mainy said the bargaining group consists of about 70 people.

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