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I was grateful not only that the menu items were listed by number and included a brief description, but also appreciated the visitors at Viet’s Noodles and Grill restaurant, who offered tips on the best way to eat authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

The overflowing plate of cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and grated carrots that arrived at the table was initially confusing. We hadn’t ordered fo and even when I ordered noodle bowls elsewhere, the amount of greens was significantly less. I wasn’t sure how this abundance of fresh ingredients affected our appetizers. Fortunately, a woman at a nearby table explained that they are part of every order and the best way to eat them is to simply include them in the food. We could make lettuce packaging, we could grate the greens to mix in the dishes, or we could request packaging using it for our own spring rolls, which she and her companions planned to do.

Viets Noodles and Grill Restaurant (Located at: 7640 N Academy Blvd.) Thursday, June 2, 2022 Photo by Jeff Kearney.

Of course, a package and a small container of liquid (used to seal the rolls) arrived at their table. We didn’t go into such authenticity, but we had fun combining the different elements. Somehow we felt like we were playing with our food and enjoying every bite we put together.

The menu is extensive with many photos. As noted, each item includes a number, its Vietnamese name, followed by an English translation. For example, O1 Gol Cuon ($ 7.95): two large spring rolls filled with shrimp, green and thin rice noodles, come with a dark, rich peanut sauce and fish sauce. I like peanut sauce and Viet’s was darker than most, but also sharper, a clear indication that peanut butter is not the only ingredient. The fish sauce was salty, but surprisingly, not too much. We used both sauces for more than spring rolls.

Viets Noodles and Grill Restaurant

Goi Cuon (spring roll) at Viet’s Noodles and Grill.

Portions are large, so be prepared to share. 46 Bun Dac Biet ($ 15.95) is a noodle bowl with noodles with thin slices of beef, chicken, pork, whole shrimp and pieces of crispy egg roll. Sprinkle the chopped peanuts on top; The server quickly confirmed that we are not allergic to peanuts.

Viets Noodles and Grill Restaurant

Bun Dac Biet Noodle Cup at Viet’s Noodles and Grill in Colorado Springs. The orders are large in the restaurant.

Viets Noodles and Grill Restaurant

Viets Restaurant Noodles and Grill (Located at: 7640 N Academy Blvd.) Bun Dac Biet Noodle Bowl Thursday, June 2, 2022 Photo by Jeff Kearney.

Bo Cuon Scallop, also known as number 118, ($ 19.95) includes laurel mussels wrapped in grilled beef, served on rice noodles on a lettuce bed. With all the greenery on the table, we decided that our food was extremely healthy. Unfortunately, this was overshadowed by the amount of food we ate. We appreciated the different tastes so much that it was hard to leave our sticks.

The menu includes fo, bowls of fried rice, several soups and various fish appetizers, such as catfish and seafood such as shrimp, mussels, mussels and crabs. Lamb and quail are also available.

Viets Noodles and Grill Restaurant

Viets Restaurant Noodles and Grill (Located at: 7640 N Academy Blvd.) “Goi Cuon (Spring Roll) with Bun Dac Biet Noodle Bowl” Thursday, June 2, 2022 Photo by Jeff Kearney.

The restaurant is one of a handful of companies facing the shopping center on North Academy Boulevard. Despite its location, it is not particularly visible from the main road. However, Viet’s is a stable business and obviously has a loyal clientele, based on the cooperation and conversation we had with those who dined near us. Even without Wi-Fi, alcohol or the option of eating outdoors, it is the food that makes them come back.

Viet’s Noodles and Grill Restaurant

Location: 7640 N. Academy blvd.

contact: 719-465-2681; vietspringrestaurant.com/

prices: $ 8.95 – $ 49.95

O’clock: 10:30 to 20:15 every day except Wednesday

Details: Credit cards accepted.

Favorite dishes: Spring rolls and Bun Dac Biet

Something else: Gluten-free and vegan options are available.

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