Dress Up Property For Sale: Art Plays Its Magic Card Key Biscayne

Art provides a touch of distinction that can give a space individuality, focus our attention when we enter a room, and dazzle us with its shapes, color, and creativity.

Art plays an important role when a property is put up for sale. Enchanting. This is how Mariela Bruno sees it. Bruno, along with Natalia Onetti, runs Arte a la Carta, a consulting firm that – after several years of curating events, seminars and art podcasts – has recently started exporting works to its stable by artists from open houses – with surprising results.

IN. How did this immersion of Arte a la Carta in real estate come about?

Natalia Onetti. We were contacted by Fortune at the end of last year, when they had to put up for sale some penthouses in the Reach and Rise towers in Brickell City Center. We went to see the first penthouse and realized that this is a spectacular place to assemble with our artists. A space other than a gallery.

This is an excellent marriage between art and real estate. Being able to exhibit art in a space that will be inhabited is extremely interesting. It allows everyone who enters to visualize the place in a different way, to imagine what he could put on the walls. And in turn, it allows anyone who has the property for sale to show it in a very attractive way. You will give the place a personality that you could not otherwise give it. It is not about printed sheets, but about art and personality in every space.

This is a great success. No doubt it has a great result.

IN. What was the result of these artistic interventions?

NO. The exhibition in this penthouse took place in December, the same week as Art Basel. Fortune invited brokers and brokers, and we invited our art audience. (This) was amazing. It was a great event, very interesting. The penthouse was sold a week after the event. In addition, 60% of the art on display was sold.

Then they called us to the other penthouse. We had to offer something different because we believe that every event should be unique. The artists we represent are mostly from Latin America, with new art mixed with crafts. We are connected with the Doral Museum of Contemporary Art and from there we lead artists.

For the second penthouse we presented sites, calling a designer who works with non-traditional materials. A performance was presented with five models circulating in the middle and interacting with the works of art. The penthouse was sold that night.

IN. How much does an open house cost to dress the property with art?

NO. The price is mainly for the installation of the works and depends on what we install, the number of rooms. We do not take care of the logistics of the event, meals, invitations, etc. This makes the real estate company with its marketing people.

It is different from the staging, decorated with furniture. When you dress the walls with art, you show the space clothed and keep the feeling (in place).

IN. How do you determine what you will offer and which properties are more suitable to dress them as art?

NO. Every initiative we do with Arte a la Carta, we strive to be an activity that is visualized. Miami is a place where there is a lot of art, great purchasing power and little interaction between the general public and the learning process. We try to make the experiences a collection style, as was done in the past, where different expressions are presented.

Many of the artistic expressions are mixed with real estate in this city. We had experience with this during the last Ibero-American Film Festival, which presented an exhibition of art photography at the Waldorf Astoria, which is under construction.

We are interested in these opportunities. It seems to us that this is a good marriage. Although it cannot be done in any house or apartment, it must have certain characteristics. And it doesn’t have to be a brand new place.

For example, now we want to bring a Spanish artist who, due to his characteristics, an old house for sale would be ideal – if it needs to be repaired or demolished. This will be the environment that will work with his work.


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