DualPower™ NFT MF Husain Fine Art Mint by LNMH

WILMINGTON, Del., October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Known worldwide and exhibited in many of the world’s major museums is the Indian-Qatari artist M.F. Hussain. The iconic artist has been called the “Picasso of India”, as both Picasso and MF Hussain exhibited together in Brazil. Hussain has an important body of work, an extremely long and strong auction history at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and a place in the international canon.

Now collectors and lovers of rare art are in for a big treat. DualPower™ NFT is scheduled to drop as 3,333 NFT mints of the artist’s most iconic steeds of Ethereum blockchain.

DualPower, a work of art dubbed ‘form follows function’, features iconic horse/s behind a car, which will be available in a variety of features and colours. This work by MF Husain has never been published either in print or in any digital derivative form. After mining a random distribution from the website, the NFTs will be exposed to OpenSea. This drop comes as the second drop that follows a #DualFacedNFT from the innovative minds of LNMH.

The idea to create an NFT for DualPowerNFT came after we realized that our first free NFT was releasing DualFaced on MF Husain’s artwork on September 7, 2022, was a resounding success. He minted all 10,000 in just 19 minutes. Just like MF Husain who took advantage of emerging technologies to bring his art to the masses, we want to pay homage with these DualPower NFTs to bring affordable art to the masses, said Kent Charugundlamanaging member of LNMH and Tamarind Art which is one of the largest independent collectors of MF Husain seminal works and IP/copyright holder.

The Horse Drop ‘FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION’ DualPower Branded NFT is a unique opportunity for fine art collectors to acquire NFT works of these rare Husain derivatives in a variety of colors and features. Disclosure will be 24 hours after 100% of NFTs have been mined on Opensea. This NFT drop is a collaboration between TamarindArt, LNMH and LAVA. LAVA provided all necessary digital imaging and creative services for this drop.

The mint is scheduled for November 22, 2022, with premining whitelist qualifiers. Joining the DualPower.io whitelist is easy – visit official site and fill out a form. There are some simple rules to follow while logging into AllowList.

“We want the millions of people who know his work to be able to participate in a way they never have before, and we want to introduce his genius to millions more,” and that’s just the beginning.

For more information on the fall and other details,
please visit our website at www.dualpower.io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dualpowernft
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dualpowernft


LNMH is a producer of fine art NFTs, metaverses, Web3 related technologies for artists, galleries and global brands. LNMH also collaborates with other entities where necessary to license IP and other digital IT services.

About Tamarind Art Gallery, LLC.

Tamarind Art is a collector, publisher, gallery, copyright/IP holder of its own MF Husain artworks and one of the largest global collectors of MF Husain artworks. For more information, get in touch https://tamarindart.com


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