Dumper Dan’s in Sheboygan has been adapting and growing its business for 37 years

SHEBOYGAN – It’s dawning early in the Wisconsin summer.

And time goes by so fast. Years even.

At 5 a.m. on June 20, a pink light filled the sky over Sheboygan Marina.

“Ready to go?” said Capt. Dan Welsh, 55, owner of Dumper Dan’s Sportfishing Charters in Sheboygan. “The fish are out there waiting.”

Our crew of 12 moved to the dock behind Dumper Dan’s waterfront store.

Three of the Welsh fleet of six 28-foot cruisers have already left. The rest were idle at their anchors, waiting for us to load.

Welsh took us to the boats and waved us goodbye. The four of us split up and within minutes were off on a Big Lake adventure.

Herring gulls flapped overhead, the powerboats boarded the plane, the cool lake air blazed on our cheeks.

Some things never change.

Others are significantly different.

It seems like just yesterday that Welsh was a 14-year-old first mate with Capt. Gary Schrimpf of AAA Charters of Sheboygan, and they were throwing a fishing party that included writer, DJ and storyteller George Vukelich of Madison.

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