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THE NETHERLANDS — When flipping through Brit Fair’s new book, one detail stands out in particular: the Dutch artist never uses every letter when he spells out God, Jesus or Lord.

“His name is the name above all names,” she said recently while discussing the book in a coffee shop. “His name has authority and power. I drop the first vowel. This is a deliberate way to stop and not treat His name as a normal name.

“You have to stop and take that little extra step to always remember that name is powerful and it’s the name of my God and that name has the power to move mountains, cast out demons, bring healing and deliverance.”

A native of Groves and a 2006 graduate of Port Neches-Groves High School, he grew up with both art and church. But the two recently came together in her new book, Love Notes: Love Notes from a Father.

“I’ve always loved to draw,” she said. “I’m self-taught, so as soon as I could draw as a child – napkins, walls, I drew on myself. And I’ve always loved the pencil. I’ve always been black and white.”

Growing up, she said she felt she had a decent relationship with God, but it escalated from one of the biggest moments in her life.

“It wasn’t until I had kids that I realized it wasn’t just about me anymore and I had to do things a little differently,” she said. “Then I turned to God 100 percent and gave Him my all, and He touched my heart and showed me how much He loves me. It just made my walk with him that much deeper.

Fair is a prophetic artist, often drawing quick sketches while at church.

“Some people are visual and when they read the Bible, they sometimes find it difficult to understand. But when you put a picture to it, it makes sense. It allows the word of God to speak in the form of art,” she said. “As always when God gave Noah the rainbow – it was a reminder that he would never flood the Earth again. This is a prophetic image. It’s a visual reminder of what God is saying.”

But last year, while driving, she found new inspiration.

“Love Notes: Love Notes from the Father” is available for sale at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com and Westbowpress.com. (Monique Batson/The News)

“I had all this work and I knew the whole reason I was doing this was to glorify God and speak His word and His love to people who need to hear it, which we all do,” she said. “I was driving home one day and I was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.’ And He just put in my heart that, ‘I want you to put this art in a book.'”

Fair describes the book as a book focused on encouragement, aimed at helping people through some of their darkest times.

“There is so much negativity in the world and people come and go from hard times, bad relationships even with family. So we’re just reminding people of the truth of who they are and reminding them that they’re loved and they’re valued and they’re worthy of love, even if they have people in their lives who have told them otherwise,” she said. “Maybe they don’t have anyone in their lives to tell them they are special and that they have a purpose. It just reminds them of that.”

The book was published last year and is available for sale on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com and Westbowpress.com.

Recently someone bought some for a lady’s house.

“They said it helped them every day and I thought that was great. That’s part of everything, too,” she said. “There is also a prophetic art there that has scriptures that go with it, words of encouragement. Every picture has its day. So there’s a lot out there for people recovering from addiction.

“We’ve had people in our family who have struggled with addiction and it’s a really dark place. There doesn’t seem to be any hope; there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It just reminds them that there is.”

Fair also sells prints of her work individually, which can be found on her Facebook page: Out of the Ashes Art.

She can be reached at [email protected]

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