EA Sports unveils new gameplay features for Madden NFL 23, including a new FieldSENSE

Year three in the new generation of consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S) introduces changes in Madden NFL this may be revolutionary.

On Thursday, EA Sports unveiled brand new gameplay features in the upcoming Madden NFL 23. Chief among them is the “new foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay,” which the company called FieldSENSE.

FieldSENSE aims to change the way it plays the only officially licensed NFL simulation game. The system “provides a flow of the game with realistic results on the field”, the company said in a press release on Thursday, in particular the animation of players in the game by using branching technology to create “Hit Everything”, a new system aimed at redefining “physical interactions during the game, allowing players to fight for every inch and change the outcome of the fights – whether in the air or on the ground.”

Much of Madden is built on animations of players, be it a running back who throws a firm hand, a receiver who jumps high to catch a pass, or a defender who hits a ball carrier for a big hit with his famous Hit Stick. This new system aims to change the way these animations interact in the game, allowing defenders to influence the ball carrier in new ways that could have a significant impact on the outcome of each game.

Madden also doesn’t change the game just at the point of contact. EA Sports announced the introduction of a new mechanic, which the company calls 360 Cuts, “giving players the ability to change direction by a penny while controlling ball carriers.” EA is also updating the game of passing with a skill-based pass, “a new way of passing that offers players complete control to place the ball exactly where they want, with the force they want.”

FieldSENSE aims to change the way Madden plays in all game modes, providing the series with a new foundation on which any outcome on the field will take place. The new gameplay system will be combined with improvements in the coverage of the area, fast passing and the inclusion of mobile quarterbacks. Anyone who has ever been tasked with trying to shut down the virtual Lamar Jackson (like this writer in his online Madden League) will be happy to try these changes in the hope that they will bring a more realistic experience to their virtual fields.

Visually, EA Sports brings the power of the new generation of consoles with new player body types, equipment and visuals that have been completely restored by using new NFL full body scans and game day equipment scans, first for the franchise. Megalodon – the 4K camera that has sparked waves on the Internet for its dramatic close-ups of real-life NFL action in recent seasons – will also be attached to photos from the touchdown celebration in Madden NFL 23.

It is difficult to determine how significant these changes will be compared to Madden’s latest recordings without video from the game, but these videos will certainly come in the coming weeks and months. EA Sports also demonstrated its efforts to listen to its consumer community by responding to requests for franchise improvements, including new additions such as all-new improvements to free agencies and contracts, improvements in project intelligence and franchise center updates and trading logic. .

The face of the franchise, the story-based single-player mode is back “with a sharper focus on building a legendary NFL career in five skill positions, including a corner for the first time and the goal of joining the desired Madden NFL 99 Club. “Ultimate Team will also include simplified team building and convenient competition,” to allow fans to gather the most powerful list of current stars “and NFL legends.

Players who pre-order Madden NFL 23 The entire Madden Edition until July 22 will be on the line for a number of benefits, including in-game currency, dual rights (in several generations of consoles) and three-day early access. EA Play members can also play Madden NFL 23 early with a 10-hour trial period starting three days before launch.

Madden NFL 23 launches worldwide on August 19.

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