Earn customer loyalty with the right technology

Choosing the right CX platform and delivering personalized messaging has an impressive impact on customer loyalty.

Earning customer loyalty is incredibly valuable to an organization’s success, especially since customers looking for any product or service have so many options to choose from. According to Gartner, customer experience (CX) now drives 66% of customer loyalty, more than price and brand combined. A loyal customer means better customer satisfaction and retention.

The right CX technology is key to creating a customer experience that builds loyalty – the best technology will enable exceptional customer journeys and drive loyalty. Here are some of the main types of technology organizations should look for as they consider their CX technology options and which platform can best impact their customer loyalty.

Conversational AI technology promotes customer loyalty

Customers increasingly rely on chatbots to solve a problem or get information about a product. The quality of these conversations is a major factor in overall customer CX. As technology makes a more natural conversation with a chatbot possible, pre-programmed chatbots no longer have the same impact on CX. Customers expect more.

Conversational AI uses machine learning technology and allows the bot to learn and improve its responses over time. With this ability to continuously learn, companies can feel confident that the more the bot interacts with customers, the better it will be at driving positive CX – ultimately making customers more satisfied with a brand and less likely to to abandon her. In fact, 86% of consumers will leave a brand they were once loyal to after two or three bad experiences, while 54% of customers who say they feel valued say they would forgive brands that make mistakes .

Well-developed conversational AI is particularly important because, although the majority of customers find human interaction key to positive CX, these customer interactions are increasingly being managed without a human. The more seamless and convenient the technology, the more customers will enjoy their conversational AI experience.

Look for multi-channel features in your CX technology

Different customers have different preferences for what channel they use to interact with a brand – including different social channels, the company’s website and the company’s app, among others. What’s more, the same customer often interacts with a brand across multiple channels, and they often expect a consistent and seamless experience across everything. This is why omnichannel is so important to successful CX now. Strong omnichannel capabilities directly impact CX, brand loyalty and the bottom line.

One of the main channels that customers use is social media – including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more. According to a 2022 TELUS International survey, 75% of consumers said they were likely to leave a review or post on social media if they had a positive customer experience. Conversely, inappropriate content can negatively impact a brand’s reputation. The same survey found that 40% of respondents would leave a brand’s community after just one exposure to toxic or fake content, while 45% said they would lose all trust in a brand. This is just one example of how content on one channel can affect people’s perception of the brand as a whole and deter them from interacting with the brand anywhere if they have a negative experience.

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