East Main Blooms: A nascent flower business growing in Newburg Free ads

Summer is officially here, and the colors of the season are in full bloom! No one knows this better than Lucinda and Dennis Halteman, owners of Newberg’s newest and cutest little business venture, East Main Blooms.

Haltemans bought the former Stump Home at 101 E. Main St. in July 2019, this year celebrating their third anniversary as official residents of Newberg. People have recently started noticing some changes to the plot next to the home in terms of landscaping, and a few short weeks ago the couple opened East Main Blooms. East Main Blooms is a haven for fresh flowers for those who love the sights and smells of summer, especially when those sights and smells come from freshly cut flowers.

Lucinda and Dennis are a well-oiled machine when it comes to working together to succeed in their new business venture.

“Dennis is a huge help to the flower farm and he does all the infrastructure while the flowers are my area,” Lucinda said. “We have two children, Ivy (5) and Sawyer (1), who also love to help grow the business. Ivy loves to help me collect the flowers and arrange the bouquets, and Sawyer thinks it’s his job to get the plants out! ”

The idea for a flower farm was something that came to Lucinda’s mind, but the project really started to take shape earlier this year. “In the fall of 2021, I had a dream to plant a small piece of cut flowers to offer to the community, a few bouquets here and there. I bought seeds, tubers and tubers and Dennis and I set out to make my dream a reality, ”she explained. “We built raised beds and processed four 4-by-31-foot beds, but our little spot escalated quickly. I have over 1,600 cut flowering plants, covering approximately 800 square feet between flowers and our backyard, varying in 24 different varieties.

Lucinda launched 90 percent of the seed flowers in her home under the lighting of the T8 store, starting in January 2022. A 10 by 16-foot greenhouse that adorns the back of the plot with flowers is a new addition that arrived this spring. Needless to say, she was excited to be able to plant seeds in the greenhouse, not in her kitchen.

Since then, she has spent hours sowing small seeds, watering seedlings, planting seedlings, pulling weeds, keeping pressure / disease under control, collecting blooms, and finally, arranging bouquets and offering to the community for a nominal fee.

Among the varieties of flowers that it grows and offers to the community are: zinnias, cosmos, statics, amaranth, coelosia, calendula, eucalyptus, basil, anther Miller, dahlias, cod, nuts, bells of Ireland, lisianthus, rudbeckia, rudbeckia, , sunflowers, Chinese aster, bunny tails, frosted explosive grass, ammi majus, lark and gladiolus. She provides vases for packaged bouquets, but is and would be extremely grateful for any donations for vases.

Of course, being in the flower business, like any other business that depends on time to be successful, she knows that the quantity and quality of her product all depends on how well Mother Nature provides. The flower stand is open for work, but according to Lucinda, it is only open when there are enough flowers to offer.

“I usually post on the Facebook page of the Newburg Community when I have bouquets and ready for sale. “I am truly at the mercy of Mother Nature,” she said.

A passionate admirer of flowers and houseplants, Lucinda said that although she always adored both, she was not always good with them.

“My green thumb is the result of many failed attempts and tons of dead plants and flowers. “The way I see it, failure is success in progress,” she said. “My cut flower garden is my escape from reality. We get lost among the flowers while caring for the beautiful flowers. They bring me so much joy and I am so grateful that we were blessed with an open batch to grow flowers, create a beautiful space to watch and share with the community. ”

In the future, they hope to offer you bouquets to choose from, where families can come and pick beautiful flowers of their choice and create their own bouquets, but for now they offer bouquets in vases, wrapped bouquets, flowers from the stem to create your own. own and flowers on the wrist for an occasion or event. Lucinda also said she accepts special orders and wants an advance payment when the order is placed.

When people buy local, it’s a win-win for families like Halteman and the community at large, but buying flowers locally also helps pollinators like bees and butterflies that everyone loves to see floating and flying around in the summer!

Anyone who is intrigued by Haltemans’ flower farm can follow them on Instagram at @eastmain_blooms to see what’s going on behind the scenes to transfer the flowers from seed to vase.

For more information call: (717) 446-5370.

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