Egyptian mind map master Adham Abdel Moneim attracts the attention of the Middle East art community with paintings that strike a personal chord

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Egyptian mind map master Adham Abdel Moneim attracts the attention of the Middle East art community with paintings that strike a personal chord

Published on June 20, 2022

Under the brand name “The Sultan Adham”, paintings by best-selling artist Adam Abdel Moneim map minds on canvas, giving Middle Eastern fanatics a rare opportunity to own art that truly captures their thoughts, emotions and long-buried memories.

Adham Abdel Moneim, a 26-year-old Egyptian artist named after the Sultan Adham brand, is making waves in the Middle East and attracting the attention of the art community and collectors with his unique mind map paintings. Contemporary art of the mind map, unlike conventional and archaic styles, captures the thoughts and emotions of the owner, thus striking a personal chord.

With its novelty – the state of the experimental and quite new for the Middle East – the art of mind maps is increasingly on the walls of art enthusiasts and collectors’ homes, adding an interesting, new dimension to existing collections. The work of Adham Abdel Moneim, drawing with a mind map is based on his creative heritage from his iconic Egyptian artists / actors / performers, grandparents Hassan Mostafa and Mimi Gamal.

“Art is a fascinating world,” says Adham. “My inspiration comes from the beautiful colors God has created in the art of living and how our minds, souls and thoughts respond to it; how our moods and emotions challenge our daily lives. My goal is to achieve this through my art – how a mixture of different colors, shapes and touches can be a map of someone’s mind. What you will see in my work of art is a mind map that gives you a brief example of confidence, experience, love, hate, character and much more. ”

Although art runs through his veins, Adham does discover his ability to paint during the pandemic as he finds himself increasingly confined indoors. The auspicious home environment, supported by his parents and grandparents – with whom he feels a deep connection – gave wings to his dreams to add color to people’s lives.

“Involving the concept and the artistic direction is what makes me excited to create more – how the heart and the brain communicate together. The power of the human mind and the emotion of the human heart allow me to scatter acrylic colors on the canvas and just draw my way through my thoughts – because what defines artists after all? The power of expression, ”explains Adham.

Under the banner “The Sultan Paints”, he began his work at the beginning of the pandemic. Within a few months, Adam’s paintings sold out in renowned galleries in two or three days, with renowned international collectors vying to own personalized paintings with a mind map. His outburst on the art scene was such that he had solo exhibitions in no time, and “Mind Maps” at the Karnik Gallery in Mayfair, London, was remarkable. In this way, people’s perceptions of life and everyday experiences were embodied in the form of paintings. Since then, Adam’s works have been sold around the world, especially in the Middle East.

Adham’s influence in the Middle East is particularly remarkable for what he advocates – a young artist who dared to dream in order to create the first movement of its kind in the region. In this way, he essentially paved a new path for novice Arab artists to leave their mark on the world. “I want to pass on to the world the creativity and virtuosity of the Arabs,” explains Adham. “There is so much clutter in this world, but I choose to see beauty in every mind and I intend to show it on the canvas.

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