Equity Trust Company optimizes investment in precious metals with the innovative MetalsConnect platform

Cleveland, June 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Equity Trust Company (Equity Trust), a leading technology technology company providing alternative storage of assets in pension and non-pension accounts, announced the launch of MetalsConnect, a state-of-the-art, turnkey solution that facilitates noble merchants metals to connect their customers with this increasingly sought-after asset class.

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The launch of MetalsConnect underscores Equity Trust’s commitment to a simplified precious metal investment experience. The innovative platform automates operational tasks and eliminates tedious back-office work. At one stop, dealers can connect electronically with industry-leading IRA trustee Equity Trust, as well as wholesalers and storage providers, allowing their customers to invest in precious metals in a retirement or non-retirement account.

“MetalsConnect allows for a simpler and simpler experience when investing in precious metals,” they said. Jessica Hunley, Director, Digital Products at Equity Trust. “The platform provides dealers with a centralized space for managing the entire life cycle of the customer from account opening and financing, to the purchase, disposal and storage of metals. It also provides its customers with an easy-to-use self-service site to monitor all their accounts in one place. “

Equity Trust has promoted trusting relationships with metal dealers and intermediaries over the past 10 years, listening carefully to their challenges and needs. MetalsConnect is the culmination of this insight, combined with innovative technology that will allow dealers to take their business to the next level in an ever-changing landscape. The feature-rich platform is a key tool for their business and customer management, providing a variety of options for service models, depositary integrations and information management tools.

Precious metal retailers have already begun to integrate with MetalsConnect to take their services, customization, user experience and overall efficiency to the next level.

To learn more about how MetalsConnect can improve your business, contact us Kurt DeVriesNational Manager for Business Development – Commodities ([email protected], 216‑538‑6690).

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Equity Trust Company is a financial services company that enables individual investors and financial professionals to diversify investment portfolios using alternative asset classes such as real estate, tax withholding, private equity, cryptocurrency and precious metals. The Equity Trust family of companies, which includes Equity Institutional, offers alternative investment custody services and back-office solutions for registered investment advisers, brokerage services, targeted trustee services and more. Equity Trust Company is the trusted custodian of over $ 34 billion in assets on behalf of more than 213,000 customers to date August 31, 2021. For more information, visit https://www.trustetc.com/institutional.

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