ETHOS Event Collective’s unique approach delivers a return on investment for companies and communities

A new destination and event management company is changing the way the meetings and events industry creates experiences

Meryl Hill

Meryl Hill

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Billion dollar meetings and events industry represent important revenue and jobs for communities throughout Florida. This impact was demonstrated when COVID shut down personal activities, leading to widespread job losses and business closures. Against this backdrop of industry disruption, ETHOS Event Collective, a new destination and event management company, is taking its unique, results-driven approach to the event industry. Through purposeful planning and precise execution, ETHOS creates engaging, memorable experiences that lead to meaningful, lasting results for companies and local communities.

“The pandemic has made clear how meetings and events generate important jobs and revenue that support the well-being of the communities in which we operate,” said Meryl Hill, Vice President, Creative + Design, ETHOS Event Collective. “It is this realization that launched ETHOS and our aim to create a sustainable way to ensure we support the people and places that help us create experiences for our customers.”

Achieving this goal began with reinventing their creative process. “Organizers choose destinations for their unique experiences and offerings,” said Julie Adelman, Director of Experience + Design, ETHOS Event Collective. “We’ve developed a methodology that will build on destination experiences to create a deeper connection with the community—one that will be remembered long after the meeting or event is over.”

Inspired by the creative process used by marketing and advertising firms, ETHOS invests in training their experience and design team to go beyond the objectives of meetings and events to align them with broader goals, mission, values ​​and brand of the company to create a meaningful connection between attendees and the destination. Recently, Orlando’s team helped a car company plan a dealer incentive that involved giving and receiving equal parts. The Concours D’Elegance-style gala combined attendees’ love of classic cars with the company’s desire to support their annual donation by including a silent auction in support of Feeding America.

According to Hill, “Link building is the easiest and fastest way to create ROI on an event. When content and programming is targeted, it creates connections with brands, locations and information. Learning opportunities can be created that feel natural to your corporate culture and appropriate for your location. Include ways to create interactive memories, with follow-up actions that reinforce key ideas and connect the experience to the content. Offer hands-on experience with exclusive options they couldn’t do on their own. It creates connections with people and companies, increases brand loyalty, improves employee retention and builds solid foundations.”

She adds: “An additional byproduct is that you will be equipping communities and destinations with the power to grow. When we partner with an organization like Feeding America, we create connections that help people thrive.”

ETHOS believes that this type of targeted planning creates more meaningful connections, experiences and results that have a greater impact on things like employee retention, sales and brand loyalty. The ETHOS creative methodology also incorporates Simon Sinek’s seminal concept of ‘Start with Why’. Hill credits this idea as a major influence on the team’s creative process. She concludes, “Having a deeper understanding of WHY companies want to create these meetings and events allows us to create a truly unique experience that has a lasting impact.”

To learn more about their creative methodology and how it has already begun to make an impact in local communities, contact ETHOS Vice President, Creative + Design, Meryl Hill at [email protected] or Director of Experience + Design, Julie Addelman at Julie [email protected]

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ETHOS Event Collective is a destination and event management company that helps meeting and event planners stay ahead of growing demands while supporting the people and places that make the experiences we create possible. We call it purposeful planning, and it’s how we ensure results for both the company and the community long after a meeting or event is over. To learn more, visit

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