Exeger and Atmosic Technologies are partnering to create energy harvesting solutions for the IoT sector

STOCKHOLM-(BUSINESS WIRE)–exegete, the Swedish deep technology company today announces its partnership with the US-based semiconductor company Atmosic Technologies. The partnership will enable the companies to create attractive energy harvesting solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

Both Exeger and Atmosic are developing components in the field of energy harvesting. Stockholm-based Exeger is the inventor and manufacturer of the innovative Powerfoyle® solar cell technology that converts all forms of light into clean, endless energy. Exeger’s photovoltaic cells can be manufactured in any shape and size, which will help light-powered products enter the next generation of connected consumer and industrial devices. California-based Atmosic Technologies develops innovative wireless systems-on-chips (SoCs) and IoT energy-harvesting modules with ultra-low power features that include an integrated boost converter and sophisticated power management technologies for optimal control, storage and distribution of available power.

Following Exeger’s announcement last year of the Powerfoyle Indoor platform, which is optimized for low light levels, Atmosic and Exeger’s collaboration makes it easier for manufacturers to develop devices with significantly extended or even infinite battery life when using Powerfoyle. Atmosic’s low-power wireless chipsets and Exeger’s solar cells create attractive solutions for IoT devices driven by low-power standards such as Bluetooth® remote controls, sensors, beacons and keypads. The combined technologies work particularly well for devices in a variety of applications from smart home to enterprise, healthcare and industrial environments.

“Atmosic’s ultra-low power solutions combined with our Powerfoyle solar cell technology will help reduce – and in many cases eliminate – the use of single-use batteries for IoT devices.” says Giovanni Fili, CEO and founder of Exeger. “This opens up a huge opportunity in the US$400 billion IoT market, which will greatly accelerate its transition to clean infinite energy.”

“Our partnership with Exeger enables our customers to create innovative IoT products that work reliably and stably even without a battery and in the poorest lighting conditions.” said David Su, CEO of Atmosic. “Our combined solutions will help reduce the need for expensive battery replacement and maintenance of IoT deployments, fueling a more sustainable IoT in the future.”

About Exeger

Exeger is a Swedish company with a unique solar cell technology that converts all forms of light into electrical energy. This material, Powerfoyle, is the world’s only fully customizable solar cell. With its superior design properties, it can be seamlessly integrated into any electronic device.

Powerfoyle enhances every product it’s integrated into with extended or even unlimited battery life, putting the power of cutting-edge solar cell technology directly into people’s hands. Exeger is leading the way to energy independence through more sustainable and user-friendly products – with a vision to touch the lives of one billion people by 2030.

For more information, visit www.exeger.com | www.powerfoyle.com

About Atmosic Technologies

Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative company for ultra-low power wireless semiconductor and energy harvesting solutions to dramatically reduce and break device dependence on batteries, with the goal of enabling eternal battery life and a battery-free connected Internet of Things. The company’s products enable the ecosystem of IoT devices—designers and manufacturers, as well as end users and those responsible for implementation—to dramatically reduce the costs and efforts associated with supporting the growing Internet of Things in the personal, home, automotive, healthcare, industrial , the corporate and smart city segments. In addition to these tangible business benefits, Atmosic aims to reduce environmental impact with its vision of dramatically reduced battery consumption in the Internet of Things.

For more information, visit www.atmosic.com

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