F1 drivers call Vettel “inspiration”, “legend”, irreplaceable

F1 drivers didn’t sugarcoat their touching tribute to one of the sport’s greatest drivers on and off the track, Sebastian Vettel.

The Aston Martin driver announced via Instagram that he will retire from F1 at the end of the season. Throughout his legendary career, he recorded four world championships (’10 to ’13), 53 race wins and 122 podiums. There are 10 more Grand Prix left in the calendar.

But his influence went beyond just racing, as Vettel never hesitated to speak out on issues related to the environment or human rights.

“There is no lack of bravery in Sebastian,” said Lewis Hamilton Sky Sports Thursday. “He was one of the very, very few drivers in the history of racing who stood up for himself. He’s used his voice in things that I’ve fought for and stood by, he bent the knee, he went his own way and stood on the gridiron and fought for things that he believed in and for the greater good.”

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