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Danny Krenzer of Falconer fights Avon of Section V on Friday during Far West Regional at Fillmore High School. PJ photo by Scott Riegel

FILLMORE – A dominant pitcher can take over the game of softball.

When the result of this game is related to a trip to the New York State High School Championship, this ace can make or break seasons.

On Friday, Jolie Krai dominated for the Avon Braves.

In turn, she sent Braves to their first semifinal in school history.

The senior right-hander also ended the Falconer Golden Falcons season.

Falconer’s Hannah Cross makes contact. PJ photo by Scott Riegel

Crye threw two strikers with 10 outs and two walks when Avon, the Section V champion, defeated Falconer 5-0 at Fillmore Central School.

“She was doing it for sure. We watched the match live that night. It’s not surprising to see her with 14 or 15 outs per game. “ That’s what Falconer head coach Kaylee Siber said. “She just hums the ball, absolutely throws the ball very well.”

The next match for Braves is a semi-final match next Saturday morning at the Moriches Athletic Complex on Long Island.

“Our goal was the title of the section” That’s what Avon head coach Jill Terry said. “On top of that, it’s a little extra fun and a little more fun.”

The Golden Falcons season ends with a score of 13-4 and the 10th title in Section VI in the history of the program.

Falconer Shortstop Tess Spangenburg is trying to label Avon’s runner. PJ photo by Scott Riegel

Not only did Kray, who is involved in swimming at the University of Cincinnati, dominate the circle, but he also secured the biggest offensive blast of the day in the plate when he hit a home run with three runs in the third inning to give Avon the lead. with 4-0.

Crye hit Falconer to open the first inning before the Braves took a 1-0 lead at the bottom of the frame. Courtney Jensser came out with one out before Olivia Pusloski hit an RBI double on the left.

The Golden Falcons had their best chance of the afternoon in their half of the third. Danny Krenzer came out with one out, and Angelina Fiasco made a sacrificial blow, which became the second and third situation when the Brave made a mistake in the game. Another hit became a single when Avon decided to hold the ball, but a pop-up window to the inside and a strike out put an end to the threat posed by bases.

“You need to be able to put the ball in play against a pitcher who can absolutely handle the way she did tonight.” said Ziber. “We had a few chances and we just didn’t take advantage. You can’t leave these runners in a scoring position. “

Avon added in its half of the inning. Abigail Schutz made a mistake to get out of the frame and Jensser came out with an out. Crye then hit a long ball with a foul on the left field line, which was dropped, giving it new life. She took advantage of a long triple blast over the fence in the left central field.

Falconer’s second baseman Emily Melquist makes a throw to first base. PJ photo by Scott Riegel

“The plan of the game was really to walk it. The first bat we finally hit and thought we might have seen some holes in the swing. Siberus spoke about the approach against Crye. “What really hurt was that she had to come out. This was a mistake in the left field. Sometimes good players hurt when you make mistakes. She is taking another opportunity. “

Falconer had another chance to score at the top of the fifth inning. Hannah Melquist went to open the inning and finished third in Krenzer’s sacrifice, but the Braves turned a double fiasco game to escape the inning unscathed.

“I just think part of the base run escaped us,” said Ziber. “We got a little excited, a little nervous, a little out of our bags.”

Schutz doubled the line on the left field and scored in Jessie Crye’s single RBI at the end of the fifth inning.

Tess Spangenburg excelled and stole second with two outs early in the sixth, but Joleigh Crye came out of the inning with a comeback and then took his 10th out in the afternoon to end the game one inning later.

Falconer’s Angelina Fiasco made a catch on the right field during Friday’s Far West Regional against Avon. PJ photo by Scott Riegel

“It just builds everyone’s confidence.” Terry said “And makes everyone else much better here.”

The Golden Falcons will finish seven players, including four starters from Friday’s game.

“It’s a family. The chemistry on the team is better than I could have imagined. “Then you really feel and see how things come together for the children.” said Ziber. “It’s more than X and O, more than average. … It’s about who you start with and what you gain from it. Sport has to reveal character, and we really did it here. ”

The Falconer team is comforted after falling against Avon in the Far West Regional on Friday. PJ photo by Scott Riegel

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