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At LMH Health, we strive to work with joy and create a workplace that is both fun and meaningful for both patients and employees. Over 2,000 employees and suppliers call LMH Health Home, and some have been part of our team for generations. Local families, couples and siblings continue to work for LMH Health to help strengthen the Lawrence community.

What makes LMH Health so special?

“For me, these are the people,” said Diana Hetrick, a buyer in materials management for LMH Health. “I made lifelong friends at LMH Health. There are so many people I can talk to in the hallways and I know their family history. I have seen their children grow up and I know their whole families, even some of their mothers. ”

Hatrick has been with LMH Health since 1998. Hetrick has two daughters, Mandy Quigley and Mardy Bowlin, who are also LMH Health employees. In addition to her two daughters, her daughter-in-law retired from LMH Health, and her niece was once part of our team.

While at work, their family has become a tradition to see each other almost every day during lunch.

“Before COVID-19 hit, my daughter-in-law, my daughters and I would have lunch together every day. “We always had lunch at 12:30 so we could eat together,” Hatrick said.

Quigley, RN at the Endoscopy Center, mentioned how she, her mother and her sister went bowling after work before. All three like to volunteer in the Junior Achievement as employees of LMH Health.

In her off-hours, Hetrick and her daughters participate in a book club with other employees.

“We try to organize a book club with some of our friends at LMH Health about once every six weeks,” Hatrick said. “Some of the members of the book club I’ve been friends with for over 15 years. Participating in our book club is a great way to get out of the hospital, but still keep our hospital friends. ”

Bowlin, who serves as director of LMH Health’s productivity improvement, has remained with the organization for the past 20 years, not only because her family is here, but also because she loves the sense of pride she has here.

“I love seeing my mother and sister in the hallways,” she said. “I love listening to colleagues mention their names and what a great job they do. I like that I applied for a job at the elementary level 22 years ago, but I was allowed to study and develop with the organization. In general, I like the atmosphere of the community. “

Personal connections with LMH Health

Claire Wilkinson, RN in Obstetrics, has been a registered nurse at LMH Health for five years, but also has a personal connection to her work. Both Claire and her mother were born at LMH Health. In addition, Claire gave birth to her three children here.

“I love working at LMH Health because I care about celebrities,” she said. “You can see the same people many times and build relationships with each other. Part of what’s great about working in Lawrence is seeing friends, neighbors, old classmates, and acquaintances I’ve known all my life while I’m at work. “

Why work at LMH Health?

Bowlin believes that working in healthcare is difficult but important. She is proud to be part of an organization that is committed to its vision and valuable to the community and the patients it serves.

“I think the culture of LMH Health is special because we understand the importance of being there for our community,” she said. “We are our community. My family members are consumers of health care – we are all. I count on this organization to be there and I understand the importance and responsibility of being a part of it. ”

Quigley said LMH Health’s culture is so special because it’s in a small community.

“Lawrence is my home. I grew up here. “This is where my roots are, a great place to work, where everyone is super friendly,” she said. “LMH Health is small enough to have a personal connection that provides a good way to get the job done.

She began her career at LMH Health as a part-time employee during high school. After attending school in the morning, Quigley spent his afternoons and evenings working at LMH Health.

LMH Health employees are proud to continue our mission every day. They are proud of our organization and love the opportunity to give back to Lawrence’s local community.

“LMH Health is a great organization to work for – one in which I plan to spend the rest of my career,” Hatrick said. “I am very proud to say that I work here and that both my daughters work here.”

Shea Eckert is an intern at LMH Health Marketing & Communications.

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