Pavan Agarwal, founder and CEO of Sun West Celligence’s technology nurse, will be greeted on stage to explain how Morgan will eliminate stress, anxiety, insecurity and overall risk from the home purchase process by expanding and leveling access to these. from more modest income and credit experience.

Game On is hosted by TO Owens and Pudge Rodriguez will provide expert business and leadership coaching based on the experience gained from their respective careers at the highest level in football and baseball and recognized in their honor in the Hall of Fame of both sports. The scene will provide an opportunity for Mr Agarwal to present Morgan’s concept and how it seeks to make the dream of home ownership a reality for many more people, with Sun West Ambassador Pudge Rodriguez officially welcomed him to the Mortgage Hall of Fame.

Acquiring a mortgage has become even more difficult in recent times, partly driven by high inflation, ever-rising property prices, and combined with many US banks and financial institutions that do not issue small-dollar mortgages to families with modest incomes and funds. Combined with the complexity of the lending process and the reluctance of many lenders to invest time and resources in potential clients with unconventional financial conditions, there are major barriers to affordable housing, especially among underserved communities.

Mr. Agarwal, in creating Morgan, committed himself to tackling these problems of inequality. The traditional mortgage application process usually excludes those with challenging credit and employment histories, and the use of technologies such as Morgan seeks to equalize these conditions, taking into account a number of mitigating factors. Using artificial intelligence and ’empathetic technology’ to take into account the language, emotional state and other factors of the applicant, Morgan has already proven to increase mortgage approval rates for those on lower incomes with lower FHA / VA loans. / USDA.

Pavan Agarwal, CEO of Sun West Mortgage Company, said: “I am excited to be greeted by such inspiring sports icons and leaders as TO Owens and Pudge Rodriguezand Morgan to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Their inspirational words and coaching, both in the business world and in everyday life, are proof of their stellar careers in the NFL and Major League Baseball, and their commitment to improving the lives of others is positive proof of their characters.

“Borrowers in non-performing communities deserve the opportunity to apply for a mortgage and present their offers to sellers with the same confidence and dignity as high-income buyers. At Sun West Mortgage Company, we are proud to be the Home of Fair Lending and are constantly striving to provide this level of service equally to demographic groups and borrower profiles. As a company, we will continue to invest in the creation of transformative technology that will make low-cost financing more affordable and equitable than ever. “

About Sun West Mortgage Company:

The Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. we are dedicated to offering the best service to our customers. To achieve this, we empower our loan officers so that they can find great interest rates and provide the most suitable loan options for each client – with incredible speed. Our focus on technology has given us an edge in the mortgage industry to offer some of the fastest lead times available – so that the client can enter the home of their dreams sooner!

We are committed to our core values ​​of people, experience, technology and products. Sun West was founded in 1980 with the perspective of “customers first” and the desire to make the mortgage process easy and stress-free for future homeowners. Since then, Sun West has serviced a multibillion-dollar loan portfolio and is licensed in 48 states, District of Columbia,, Puerto Ricoand the US Virgin Islands. Our 41 years of experience have been passed on to everyone here at Sun West through excellent leadership and ability.

Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. acts as a lender and offers financing to qualified borrowers. TACA – a third party organization not affiliated with Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. The TACA name is the property of TACA. Ivan Rodriguez is a paid spokesperson for Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. For licensing information, visit: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org.

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