Fantasy Baseball Today: Don’t Leave Riley Green and Oneil Cruz on Wire to Cancel, Weekend

Happy Monday to all! It was another action-packed baseball weekend, culminating in several Father’s Day games and a weekend to remember as one of the best baseball strikers. Have a weekend, Mike Trout. It’s so nice to be back. Trout hit Homer with two runs on Sunday during a win over the Mariners when he tore Logan Gilbert apart at 109.1 mph and 397 feet. It was the fifth Homer for Trout on June 16 and he became the first player in AL / NL history to make four winning home runs in a series (against the Mariners).

We’ll be immersed in the whole action of the weekend, but first make sure you are aware of everything that is happening from the Fantasy Baseball Today team at Scott White has given up his favorite sleeping players for next week and you can find that here. You can also find his bedroom pitchers for the coming week here and his recommendations for a two-start pitcher here.

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Great prospects get the call

Riley Green made his debut for the Tigers on Saturday after spending the early part of the season recovering from injury. Green was originally on the line to compile the list for the first day – a la Spencer Torkelson – but he arrived on Saturday and immediately went 2-for-3 with two walks and two marked runs. Green is a great prospect and therefore he already has 71% on the list, but it is hard to imagine that this number should not be closer to 100%. Last year, the underage Green hit .301 with 24 homers and 16 stolen bases to join the .921 OPS.

Oneil Cruz will receive the call today and if you remember from the pre-season, he is a favorite of Chris Towers. He is also my favorite. How can you not love a powerful midfielder like Cruz, who comes closest to Aaron Judge when it comes to NFL-style praise. Just like Judge, a massive frame can make things difficult for enemy pitchers. Despite the slightly rocky April, I see that Cruz is immediately becoming a contributor. Since the beginning of May, Cruz is much better in the juniors and has up to nine homers with 11 stolen bases. He is 64% on the list.

Alex Kirilov it may have been written off by some in your league, but it is on my radar and for good reason. Prior to wrist problems, Kirilloff published great advanced numbers and exit speeds that you can buy in the 2021 season. His 2022 season has so far been hit again by injuries, but it looks like he can finally deal with the problem. injuries and is now returning with Gemini. He has already scored two goals in two games and, unlike Greens and Cruz, he is easier to acquire. Kirilloff is only 53% on the list and will cost much less than your FAAB budget.

Pirates also educate Liover Pegero. It’s an exciting prospect, but how long will it stay? Pegero will replace Tucupita Marcano, who switched to COVID IL. That doesn’t mean Pegero isn’t here to stay if he hits the ground. Pegero excelled in the juniors this season, as a .292 watt with five homers and 14 bags of Double-A. If you desperately need speed, it certainly deserves a speculative addition – it has a lot of it.

Speaking of FBT favorites, Scott White’s favorite CJ Abrams will be withdrawn by Padres, presumably to deal with Manny Machado’s injury. Abrams is now only 33% on the list and was in an absolute tear for minors in June. Abrams’ June includes an average of .371 watts, three homers, five thefts and .965 OPS.

Finally, we need to talk about Be Kennedy. Although he may not be on the same level as the names mentioned above, Kennedy was promoted by Diamondbacks last weekend and won a Grand Slam tournament on Sunday. This is one way to make your entrance famous. He is only 1% on the list and only 3B meets the requirements of CBS, but he managed to get 22 homers with an average of 0.290 for minors last season, only to follow him with a strong 2022 so far for minors – 0.296 on average, four homers and eight thefts. It has 24 stolen bases, combined in 2021 and early 2022 for minors.

What’s wrong with Gore?

For a while, it seemed that the changes to Mackenzie Gore’s Padres SP that Mackenzie Gore made in the juniors were here to stay, as he dominated the major league level for a long time. Now it seems that a stay in the minor leagues can return to the horizon. Gore was marked again this weekend – this time at Coors Field – where he conceded nine goals and eight runs in four innings. He has now played three or more batteries in four consecutive games. His hit ratio is also much lower and his ERA jumped to 3.64. Overall, this is not a bad number, but considering where he was just a few starts before, it is understandable to sound the alarm.

Is Charlie back?

We certainly hope so! Charlie Morton it finally started to look like its old one this weekend with a dominant trip from start to finish. Morton threw seven high innings against the Cubs and allowed just three hits and zero walks. He hit nine and caused 21 swings. He managed to do everything in this and in fact this was the first outing of the season for Morton, in which he did not allow a single walk. He is now allowed one or fewer walks in five of his last seven starts and has made 16 or more swings in each of his last three starts.

News and notes on the composition

Every night, the Fantasy Baseball Today team is immersed in all MLB events, from top performers to injuries, deals and more. The podcast is a must-hear for any fan, if I say so. Join the podcast to hear the FBT team expand on the news and notes below.

  • Flour Bates is placed on the IL with a broken right rib. Dave Roberts said he expects Bates to return in about two weeks.
  • Mani Machado was diagnosed with a sprained left ankle after coming out in the first inning of Sunday’s game against the Rockies. The X-rays were negative, but it looks like it will miss some time.
  • Liam Hendrix is set to begin a throwing program on Monday and is headed for July 1 for its return from Illinois.
  • Aaron Ashby received permission for his next start on Tuesday against the Cardinals. He seems to be on the line for two starts.
  • Chris Sale will begin the rehabilitation task in the Florida Complex League on Monday.
  • Brandon Woodruff destroyed seven of the eight batteries he retired at the rehabilitation start on Saturday. He is expected to begin another rehabilitation before rejoining the Brewers’ rotation.
  • Tim Anderson is expected to return on Monday against the Blue Jays.
  • Wander Franco he can rejoin the rays next weekend against the pirates.
  • Chris Bryant hopes to be able to return next weekend.
  • Nick Lodolo struck out six in two innings at the start of his rehab on Saturday. He is expected to begin at least one more rehabilitation.
  • Colten Wong has failed in its recovery and will not be activated for the upcoming Brewers’ Household. He is in IL with a calf injury.
  • Jesus Luzardo launched a throwing program this weekend. He is in IL with a forearm injury.
  • Eloy Jimenez will have a chance to resume his rehabilitation task at Triple-A on Tuesday. His recent rehabilitation was halted due to normal leg pain.
  • Nathan Eovaldi progresses more slowly than expected and is unlikely to return from IL when eligible for the first time. He is out with inflammation of the lower back.
  • Nate Pearson was removed from Sunday’s Triple-A rehabilitation start due to right shoulder discomfort
  • Lorenzo Cain was set to be commissioned by the brewers on Saturday.
  • Justin Upton made his first start with the Mariners on Friday and left that game after being hit in the head with the pitch.
  • Tyler Megill is placed on the IL with a strained right shoulder and will be excluded from the throw for four weeks before being re-evaluated.
  • Anthony Randon will miss the rest of the season as he needs wrist surgery. It has been very difficult for the last few years.
  • Austin Meadows of COVID IL after a positive test.
  • Jesus Sanchez and Jesus Aguilar to COVID IL.
  • Frank cheating was placed on the IL with tension in the lower back.
  • Red relievers Alexis Diaz is placed on the IL with tendonitis of the right biceps and Tony Santilan with back injury.

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