Firefighter fishermen make art out of old fire hoses

Firefighters Scott Carr and Rob Demlow, neither of whom have artistic backgrounds, are finding success with their unique hobby-turned-business.

FISHERS, Ind. — (NOTE: Check out the video below for Carlos Diaz’s full interview with Fishers firefighters Scott Carr and Rob Demlow.)

Two Fishers firefighters have found a way to honor America and their fellow first responders while showing off their artistic side — and making a little extra cash on the side.

Firefighters Scott Carr and Rob Demlow make American flags entirely out of old fire hoses.

“Fire departments around [the country]when section of [fire]the hose goes bad, whether it’s at a fire or during training, they just take them off the truck and throw them away,” Carr said. “We had some hose laying around the firehouse getting ready to go in the dumpster. “What if we could do something with that fire hose to make a piece of art that symbolizes the flag?”

The end result was a beautiful, unique piece of art.

“When we started this, it started as a fun hobby and it grew into this business that’s starting to take off and do well,” Carr said, with none of the firefighters having any artistic training.

When Fishers Fire Station 92 was renovated a few years ago, Carr and Demlow decided the walls were bare and boring, so they got to work by painting several Fire Station 92 logos on the walls of the firehouse.

“We asked the station master and he was kind enough to let us use our artistic skills,” Demlow said.

The positive response to their artwork was encouraging as well as surprising.

“I think we both were [surprised]Demlow said.

Firefighters at Station 392 repurposed some decommissioned hoses and decided to show off their skills and patriotism. …

Posted by Fishers Fire Department on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

That logo led the duo to make American flags out of fire hoses, which led them to found Brotherhood Designs earlier this year. Carr and Demlow have since sold 29 firefighter flags for as much as $2,000 per flag.

“First we take the hose that’s going to be thrown in the trash,” Demlow said. “We feel like we’re actually doing something that helps the environment as well. We clean it, cut it to the size we need for the flag. Then we make a support. The stars are cut out of a hose and they’re the same material, the same hose, and it’s laser cut. Some of our first ones were cut by hand.”

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Carr and Demlow recently designed and donated a flag to the family of fallen Ellwood police officer Noah Shahnawaz.

“We knew his connections with Fishers,” Carr said. “We have the ability to do something nice to immortalize it, and that’s something unique. We decided we would make a flag with a thin blue line in his honor.”


Posted by Fishers Fire Department on Friday, August 19, 2022

Another of their “Thin Line” series flags is on display at an art show in Fishers.

And then there’s a country music star who’s a big fan of their flags and has one on display at his bar in Nashville.

“John Rich!” Demlow said. “He’s the famous country music star who sings ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ with Big & Rich.”

So with all this success, do Carr and Demlow finally consider themselves artists?

“I believe we’ve filled a niche that’s artistic in its own right,” Demlow said. “We’re proud of that.”

We’ll take that as a “Yes!”

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