FIVE QUESTIONS: Alex Ochoa, Sales Specialist, Fueled UTV at Union Gap | Business

Wineries and breweries may be the first thing that comes to mind about tourism activities in the Yakima Valley, but there is another that is gaining popularity – as well as boosting sales in the Union Gap business.

Alex Ochoa is a sales specialist at Fueled UTV, a growing business that moved to its new location along the Ahtanum and Goodman roads about six months ago. Formerly located on Fruitvale Boulevard, Fueled UTV can be found at 2751 Goodman Road in Unit 201, in a new building just north of the FedEx facility.

UTVs are vehicles for useful equipment, a machine that is larger than an ATV and is driven more like a car. Also known as the parallel, UTV’s sales are projected to grow by 6.85% by 2028, according to the businesswire website.

Ochoa, a 36-year-old Selah native who lives there with his wife and children, said Fueled UTV is ready to grow with parts and customer service in Central Washington and beyond.

“We are here for families who love to drive, who love to be there and drive together. “Just like my family, who drive together, and all the employees here,” Ochoa said. “We have 15 employees. We have a service area for building customers, changing oil, everything. And we booked two months in advance. “

Ochoa – who said his favorite rides are the trails in the state-run Ahtanum Forest, with their “amazing” views of Mount Rainier – recently answered five questions with the Yakima Herald-Republic.

What made you work at Fueled UTV?

I’m in charge of northwestern sales for Fueled UTV. I’ve been doing it side by side for six or seven years. I own them and drive them. I’m part of a big group called Northwest UTV riders on Facebook. I’ve been there for about six years. This brought me to this position. By that I mean that the owners of this group jumped on this page, got to know me from there. When they had to grow up, they reached out and interviewed me, and it all worked out together.

I am connected to the community. This is the perfect place for me – many people know me. Fueled UTV has three gentlemen: Travis Staley, Jake Wilcox and Mark Strutner. These are the three owners of this business. They are all here in the Yakima Valley.

What are the services and products you offer?

Everything from A to Z for UTV, also known as next to each other. Everything: wheels, tires, suspension, engine operation, performance, safety. Everything from A to Z, except the machine itself. Not yet.

We have many local clients and many clients who go camping outside the city. Many people from one state – Idaho and Oregon – come to check on us because we have so much inventory. Inventory is key in this business and we have it.

What are some of the most popular items you sell?

Wheels and tires are our number one thing. Close behind are performance modifications and safety modifications. Better restraints, better seats to be (fastened) tighter. I do this all day and we love it very much.

People come and say, “My car came with 14-inch wheels and 29-inch tires, they’re too small. I’m stuck in 2 inches of snow. ‘ OK, let’s increase it to 32 inches … from there it continues. What do I need next, what do I need next?

I understand that Polaris recently shot a video with some of your equipment?

true. Polaris has a show called “Destination Polaris”. And they demonstrate riding areas across the United States with different groups. One of our battery representatives turned to us and said that Polaris was interested in traveling with me and invited you guys to bring your cars from the store.

We didn’t know what to expect. It was filmed in Priest Lake, Idaho. It was great. It went so well that we will make another video with Destination Polaris here locally. It’s cool to be on TV and experience that. UTVs are the best-selling (Polaris) now – they are called “RZR” razors.

Where are some of the places where people like to go to drive?

Rimrock. Tampico, also known as Ahtanum State Forest. Little Pile. Manastash Ridge. Juniper dunes in Pasco. The dunes of the lakes of Moses. freedom. Whiskey Dick (Wildlife Zone) … I can go on and on.

This is a thriving industry (in the Yakima Valley). The views from some of our trails are amazing. People travel far and wide to come and see these sights.

It’s almost astounding how popular this thing has become. Quickly, in the last five years, it has exploded. Which is part of our success.

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