Flight Overview: Lufthansa Business Class – Airbus A350

For my flight to Europe, I had several Star Alliance options to choose from. I settled on Lufthansa for one thing only – I was able to book a ticket directly to my final destination, which neither Skyteam nor oneworld offered.

Accommodation and pre-departure experience

Check-in was easy at San Francisco International Airport – the airport was deserted, with no passengers in the security lines.

On my flight, only the Priority Pass restaurant was open – unfortunately, neither the United Polaris lounge nor the American Express lounge were open.


San Francisco had just gone through a series of major storms and I was convinced that departure would be delayed. But that was not the case.

Experience on board

Boarding was on time and given the less than 20% load for this flight, it was over in minutes. Business class had slightly more passengers than economy, but was still less than 30% full.

The flight attendants were quite aggressive and required most passengers to change their masks (as they were wearing cloth masks and in Europe only surgical masks or N95 masks are accepted). There seemed to be constant reminders to wear masks (not that anyone was protesting) thrown in for good measure every few minutes.

There was almost no time to taxi and we took off in the opposite direction from the usual San Francisco path (due to the approaching storm), which required the pilot to stay quite low while flying south and east for the first few minutes – a bit eerie.

Lufthansa Business Class Overview – Seats

Lufthansa uses the same business class seat on the A350 as on all other aircraft. Available in the standard 2-2-2 configuration. This is a real shame because the A350 is a much newer aircraft and should deserve a business class seat that is reclined (not just in name) and has direct aisle access for all passengers.

It wasn’t a big deal on this flight (since we all spread out and had at least two seats to ourselves), but it’s annoying for solo travelers who have to “climb” a sleeping passenger in the middle of the night.

The catering

Since the departure was late at night, I wasn’t too interested in catering for dinner. It looked and tasted pretty good though!

Loved the breakfast options and the espresso served by the flight attendants was amazing!

Entertainment options

My favorite thing to do is usually watch the air show. No such luck with this flight – it was never available the whole flight.

The entertainment console looks more like it belongs in the 1990s, not 2022!

Dream experience

It’s no secret that I can sleep extremely well on most planes. This would be no exception – after a short film I managed to sleep all the way to Northern Europe. The seats don’t recline 100%, but you don’t slide down the seat either. Sleeping on your side is a particularly effective way to sleep in these seats (or on your back).


It was a solid business class experience. The A350 is my favorite plane and I can sleep surprisingly well in the old Lufthansa business class seats.

The flight attendants were pleasant, the food edible, and the flight was completely on time. To be honest, I probably would have slept just as well with a full row in economy. Lufthansa does the job but doesn’t excite.

Perhaps the company is deliberately keeping the bar low to encourage passengers to upgrade to its excellent first class?

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