Friday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Tua, Noah, Austin Jackson, Crossen and more

Part 1 of the latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers joint practices:

From Bojack Duttsman (@Dutton_saucycat):

Hi Alain, long time reader, first time questioner from Alberta, Canada. I like the depth of this Dolphins team. My biggest question mark outside of the dead horse (O-line) is our linebacker corps. Are they good enough?

Hey Bojack, welcome! I always love first time questioners! Here’s an important point to make regarding your question, and that is whether we count edge defenders Melvin Ingram, Jaylan Phillips, and Andrew VanGinkel as linebackers, which is how they’re listed. Including those players, along with starting off-ball linebackers Jerome Baker and Elandon Roberts, yes, this group is good enough. Could the Dolphins use Herd as an inside linebacker who can make an impact right away? Sure. But this group — and notice I didn’t include Channing Tyndall because I think it will be mostly special teams for him as a rookie — is good enough.

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