From the journey to Obama’s parasite, Small Science traces Platt’s life

Thomas PlattPeople’s lives revolve around parasites. Small parasites are a big deal for him even after more than 50 years in the game of worms. He gives an idea of ​​research, travel, teaching at Saint Mary’s College and life in a new book, Small Science.

The book is published by World Scientific and is available on Amazon.

This is the story of an ordinary man who was not very serious about high school in Ohio. He decided to buckle up and find science. He had college, sports, finding his future wife and a thesis. It talks about science and parasites. Plenty of worms. However, there are comments about travel and technology and a few countries that should make readers laugh.

His career took a turn for the worse before landing in South Bend and St. Mary’s. He didn’t know much about South Bend when he came in for an interview, except for Notre Dame.

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