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Lake Forest, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Located in beautiful Southern California, Zoe Behavioral Health offers individual mental health treatment and intensive outpatient treatment with high-quality therapy sessions, counseling and educational services to help you recover. .

Their intensive outpatient rehabilitation program uses targeted treatment and professional support to help you get your life back on end without spending months in a medical facility. While their mental health services can determine the root of your addiction or help you identify and treat mental health problems such as depression and anxiety (even if you are not addicted to substances) to help you live a fuller life.

Combining the best features of both traditional counseling and evidence-based holistic treatments, as well as offering yoga and on-site consultation with your nutritionist, Zoe Behavioral Health specialists will tailor your recovery to maximize your mental and physical health.

Mental health treatment

Many health problems are often caused by major metal health problems that can lead to substance abuse and reduced quality of life.

Zoe Behavioral Health provides high quality mental health treatments from their expert physicians who are designed to support and equip you with the tools you need to help you recover through a combination of occupational therapy, medication and counseling. This approach ensures that you do not resort to self-medication through alcohol or substance abuse, which has been shown in recent studies to be strongly correlated with mental health problems.

The dual diagnosis program addresses both your substance abuse disorder and mental health problems, so correcting each problem reduces the impact of the other, leading to an overall easier recovery process. .

The key difference between Zoe Behavioral Health and other mental health clinics is the personalization they offer at each stage of the treatment process. Their team will consult with you and highlight your major mental health issues and how they affect your daily life before drawing up a targeted treatment plan that is unique to your own needs and recovery goals.

Intensive outpatient treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment offered at Zoe Behavioral Health is a type of rehabilitation treatment to help patients who want to overcome substance abuse.

It is usually performed after the patient has completed detoxification, intensive outpatient treatment is an alternative to spending months limited to the facility, and allows the patient the freedom to combine treatment with returning home or family in the evening.

Zoe Behavioral Health will create a treatment plan for you that includes therapy with their trained psychologists to help you explore and overcome the roots of your addiction, participate in educational seminars, enjoy group activities in the idyllic Southern California sun, and to work with other patients who are in a similar part of their recovery path.

This approach, compared to the more restrictive option of residential rehabilitation, has the main advantage of helping you begin to return to your normal life after treatment with alcohol and drugs and provides you with the tools to maintain sobriety in everyday situations.

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