Global Energy Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Technology.

Dublin, July 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The report “Recent Innovations and Developments and Future Growth Opportunities in Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Technologies” has been added to supply.

The study includes an introduction to modern networks and discusses trends in the power T&D industry and analyzes new technological developments in the power T&D industry.

The energy sector is moving towards sustainable and green resources; as a result, the share of renewable energy sources in the electricity generation mix is ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing. However, this presents another challenge for energy; renewables are intermittent, putting pressure on the transmission and distribution (T&D) industry to keep power supply in line with demand.

In response to the increasing use of intermittent renewable sources and the increasing demand for energy, the power T&D infrastructure has been developing, especially in the last 5 years.

This research service focuses on new technologies and infrastructure that will improve network resilience through digitization; establishment of two-way communication between energy suppliers and energy consumers; data analysis; and automation.

It also examines the major market players and analyzes the patent landscape of the smart grid T&D system (highlighting the key patent owners/assignees and the most active patent jurisdictions). The research service also highlights emerging growth opportunities in the power T&D industry.

Main topics covered:

1 Strategic imperatives

  • The Strategic Imperative: Factors Creating Pressure on Power T&D Technologies Market Growth
  • The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on the Energy T&D Technology Industry
  • About Growth Pipeline Engine
  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine
  • research methodology

2 Research context and summary of findings

  • Research context
  • Scope of the study
  • Key Findings: Sustainable Innovation in the Smart Grid

3 T&D Technologies and Trends: An Overview

  • Electricity supply complexity and demand growth are driving grid transformation.
  • Engines of growth
  • Growth drivers, analysis
  • Limits to growth
  • Limits to growth, analysis

4 Transmission and distribution of energy: technological analysis

  • Introduction to the technology landscape
  • AMI facilitates two-way communication.
  • The PMU increases the voltage and current data acquisition frequency.
  • FLISR systems minimize network downtime.
  • AGC systems maintain the balance between power and consumption.
  • Automated Demand Response Systems Balance energy supply and demand.
  • High voltage systems allow efficient transmission over long distances.

5 surveillance companies

  • Advanced communication systems enable the processing of large amounts of multi-network data
  • Automated end-to-end demand response management systems improve the flexibility and efficiency of smart grids
  • AI-based Plug-and-Play Smart Grid analytics solutions increase the performance of smart grids
  • Cloud-based AI platforms balance costs and minimize carbon footprint in the energy sector
  • Big data optimizes the flexible capacity of energy generation infrastructure

6 IP Analysis of Building Energy Management Systems Industry

  • Patent Landscape of Smart Grid Transmission and Distribution System

7 A universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth opportunity 1: Government grants, R&D investment and smart grid infrastructure development
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Technology Convergence between Smart Grid OEMs, Service Companies and R&D Utilities
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Deploy Low Cost Smart Grid Analytics

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